How Taylor Got Over Her Grammys Embarrassment

Taylor Swift is one clever gal. No, it's not because she gave a powerful, stripped-down piano performance of "All Too Well" at the Grammys, complete with serious head banging to show off her perfectly feathered 'do. It's because of how she carefully tiptoed around her kinda embarrassing moment of the night. Taylor Swift's reaction when she thought she won a Grammy for Album of the Year is turning out to be the gif seen round the world, since the "Red" singer and her camp thought she won for a split second, mouths open and hands about to fist pump. Instead of Red, Alicia Keys kept on going to say that Daft Punk won for Random Access Memories .

It's not Tay's fault — the first syllables of "Red" and "Random" really do sound alike, and she recovered by smiling and standing up to applaud the winning duo. Hey, at least it wasn't like that recent awkward moment in The Bachelor when a girl named Kylie misheard Juan Pablo Galavis and went to go claim a rose meant for a girl named Kat. Now that was embarassing. Anyway, Taylor was up for four awards, didn't end up winning any, and was seen thinking she won Album of the Year. How could she recover from maybe a bummer of a night? Take to Twitter to get tongues wagging about something else, obviously, and enlist her militia of awesome female friends to do so, as well.

First on the agenda: Re-tweets from Lena Dunham are always a good start.

Then, a re-tweet from Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara saying how Swift is a role model in a text screenshot is definitely a positive boost:

But perhaps this is the most definitive tweet of them all, showing that if you didn't win an award, show your loyalties to your new BFF who cleaned up:

Lorde supported Tay right back, and re-tweeted Swift's picture and tweeted:

So now, anyone who messes with Swift messes with Lorde.

Any questions?

You can watch Swift's reaction to Daft Punk's Grammy win below:

Image: Caleebsi/Tumblr; TaylorSwift,Lorde/Twitter