Rosie For Autograph Is Surprisingly Afforadable

by Melanie Richtman

What sets Rosie Huntington-Whiteley apart from the rest of us? Aside from arguably perfect genetics and an amazing skincare routine, she also has just launched a makeup line for British Retailer Marks & Spencer. But how much does the Rosie For Autograph cosmetics line cost? Not as much as you'd think!

If you want to get Rosie's supermodel glowing skin, it is finally within your reach. Most of the pieces in her collection retail somewhere between £14-22 or roughly $20-30. For example, the lipstick in her line would cost about $20, which isn't cheap, but it definitely isn't going to kill your wallet either. The Rosie For Autograph Cosmetics line consists of blush, concealer, contouring kits, brow kits, moisturizers (so you can get her enviable glow), lipsticks and eyeshadow quads all at fairly reasonable prices.

The only issue is that as of right now, although the Rosie For Autograph cosmetics line is affordable, the products are only available in the UK at Marks and Spencers stores. However, M&S does ship some goods to the US, so maybe that includes Rosie's makeup line? We should all keep our fingers crossed. Otherwise, I think I've found a pretty convincing argument for why I should book that ticket to London.

The supermodel and Mad Max actor has been working with Marks and Spencer for quite some time now, the current offering includes a lingerie line and a perfume, and Huntington-Whiteley has always been a big fan of makeup, so the affordable cosmetics line seemed like a natural next step.

I'll take one of everything, please and thank you.

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