45 Little Ways To Tell You're Body Positive

Being body positive isn't necessarily an easy thing to achieve — not when you're constantly reminded of all your flaws, and then taught exactly why you should hate them. But if you've been making an effort to practice self-love more, chances are you've demonstrated body positivity in little ways without even knowing it throughout your day. It's not all about taking strong and vocal stands against fat shaming or body belittling. It's also about practicing self-love and self-acceptance in subtle, almost knee-jerk fashions. If you're really starting to embody the mantras of the movement, you'll likely start expressing them naturally.

Whether that means loving the reflection you see in the store window as you make your commute down to work, eating a salad because you're in the mood for greens rather than in the mood for thigh gaps, or not feeling the need to cross your legs when you're wearing short-shorts, these are all amazing strides towards body positivity. And the cool thing is that they're little moves, and completely doable in the everyday. They might not feel like a big deal and will probably go unnoticed by those around you, but that just means you're starting to accept yourself and live your truth. And isn't that amazing news?

To help pinpoint whether or not you're doing this, below are 45 little ways to tell you're body positive.

1. You Don't Pay Attention To Scales

As long as you're lookin' right and feeling good, that's all that matters.

2. You Don't Have Any Animosity Towards Those Different Than You

You have zero hate towards that perky, petite barre instructor of yours. Other than when she makes you plank for a full minute.

3. Not Fitting Into A Pair Of Pants Means Nothing To You

Other than that you have to ask the dressing room girl to get you a bigger size. (Thanks so much!)

4. You Don't Pad Your Bra

Granted sometimes a gal wants a little bit of cleavage, but being OK with and enjoying your little tangerines is a good sign.

5. You Don't Use The Word "Skinny" As A Compliment

Enthusiastically, saying "Wow, you're looking so tall today," with a thumbs up would likely be met with weird, confused looks. Similarly, there's no need to go out of your way to compliment people based on their weight and nothing else.

6. You Don't Buy Into The "Too Revealing" Hype

Sheer shorts, short skirts, hot pants, and Bad-Sally from Grease-riding leggings: It's all fair game, all the time. You don't mind flaunting what you have.

7. You Watch A Lingerie Ad And Feel Nothing

You don't want to break out into a series of burpees, you don't cross your legs uncomfortably, you don't do anything. You know the difference between unrealistic advertising and most women's bodies in the real world. For real.

8. You Can't Help But Smile When You Catch A Glimpse Of Yourself In The Mirror

Bonus points if you lick your finger and go tssss.

9. You Don't Register When Someone Hates On Your Body

If they have an issue with your thighs, then that's on them, not you.

10. You Don't Sweat That First Date Disrobement Moment

Instead you can't wait to show off those pretty undies you had on reserve just for this.

11. You Don't Mind Seeing Your Body Jiggle When You Work Out

Because, beast mode.

12. You Don't Mind Getting Off The Treadmill Looking Like You Accidentally Spilled Your Bottle Of Water On Yourself

You didn't come here to play.

13. You Can't Help But Smack Your Butt When You Catch A Glimpse Of Yourself In Your Undies

Because curves, baby. They be lookin' good.

14. You Don't Feel The Need To Cross Your Legs When Sitting In Shorts

Let them pancake all they want.

15. Or Pull Your Shirt Down When Your Little Tummy Roll Pops Out

It ain't offending anybody.

16. You Never, Ever Deny Yourself The Cupcake

You're not being "bad." You just want the damn cupcake. It looks so pretty.

17. You Eat Salads Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To

You have a healthy relationship with food, whereby you make a lunch full of greens because that sounds good, and not because it'll guarantee you a certain pant size.

18. You Don't Use Weird Phrases Like "Cheat Day" And "Naughty Day"

How eating a cake pop — a thing the size of a quarter — is enough to make anyone think they're been unhealthy and awful is just madness. Pure madness.

19. You Wear Trends Even If Magazines Say You Can't

Tall girls can't pull off platforms? Short girls can't do maxis? Plus size ladies can't dabble with crop tops? Watch me go.

20. You Don't Freak Out If You Forget To Shave

So you have a little armpit hair and you're about to throw it down on the dance floor. So what? Wave your hands in that air like you jus' don't care.

21. Bathing Suit Shopping Doesn't Send You Into A Tailspin

Did you not understand why three-way mirrors stress women out, either? I feel like it'd be a great opportunity to get well acquainted with yourself in the dressing room.

22. You Don't Buy Into "How To Dress Better For Your Body" Tips

Because you think you look perfectly fine in whatever you fancy. There's nothing you need to drape, cut, or smooth, thank you very much.

23. You "X" Out Of "Ways To Dress Skinnier" Articles

Because, ew. Also, because what?

24. You Think All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Chubby, skinny, bony, curvy, short, tall, jiggly, toned — all of it looks ah-mazing to you.

25. You Don't See The Word "Fat" As A Bad Word

It's like saying "short" or "tall."

26. You Don't Think Certain Activities Are Off Limits To You

Yes, Tumblr makes it seem like yoga is only to be performed by skinny, blonde haired girls in front of sunsetting beaches, but you've got a pair of Lululemons yourself and you're going, dammit.

27. You're The First One To Take Off Their Shirt At The Beach

Last one in is a rotten egg!

28. You Don't Do Vanity Sizing

You have pairs of pants that go up and down four sizes and you're totally OK with that. As long as it's comfortable and feels good, that's all that matters.

29. Working Out Is About Strength, Not About Pant Sizes

It feels good to bench 100 pounds because you're now a Viking warrior, not because you now fit into a smaller waist size.

30. You Don't Let Your Friends Call Themselves Fat In A Negative Way

There's no half-hearted chuckles coming from your end.

31. Your New Year's Resolution's Had Nothing To Do With Losing Weight

Travel more, yes. Get your own Netflix account in order to be considered an adult, yes. Become more spontaneous, yes. Lose 10 pounds? Not on your radar.

32. You Don't Feel The Need To Change Your Hair

Whether it's curly, frizzy, flat, long, short, what have you, you're cool with it. It's pretty, so everyone else needs to deal.

33. A Little Nipple Action Doesn't Bother You

Yes, it's cold out, and no you don't mind your nips are telling the world hello.

34. You Seek Out Body Posi Role Models

Your Instagram feed isn't just a series of thigh gaps — you've got women on there who promote and encourage a self-loving type of lifestyle.

35. You're OK With A Little Nudity

You watch TV in your underwear, eat Ramen in your bra, sleep in the buff — and feel 100 percent OK with the way your body folds, rumples, and curves. It's all comfy.

36. You Don't Delete A Selfie Because You "Look Fat"

Because one of your eyes is closed and you look stoned out of your mind, sure. Because you have a slight double chin? Never.

37. The Word "Flattering" Confuses You

What does that even mean? If I feel hot in it, it's automatically flattering, no?

38. You Don't Blame Your Body For Your Problems

So you have a little curve in your thighs, or you don't have any curve at all. You don't think that's the reason you don't have a significant other or aren't happy in your current situation or (enter whatever misgivings you have right now). Losing weight doesn't solve problems. Rolling up your sleeves does.

39. You Don't Judge Others On Their Appearances

It doesn't matter if the person you're talking to is round, thin, hairy legged, wearing hot pants, sporting a chin strap, whatever. It's all cool.

40. You Don't See Sweets As Rewards You Have To Pine For

In the words of Emma Stone, "Eat the damn cupcake."

41. You Lose Interest In SOs Who Make You Feel Bad About Your Body

Instead of changing your dress size, you'll just change your bunkmate. It was fun, bye!

42. You Have No Plans Of Buying Wrinkle Cream

Because you're no longer 16, so your face is going to do that. Moving on.

43. You Put On Makeup Because You Love It, Not Because You Need It

Makeup is there because you love playing with it, not because you need to hide flaws. A smoky eye during the AM has nothing to do with your self confidence and everything to do with your creativity.

44. Doing It With The Lights On Is Definitely An Option

You understand the need to see all dis up close and personal.

45. No Matter What You Look Like, You Love Yourself

First thing in the morning during a hangover, right after eating a whole takeout burrito, after spending a day doing hot yoga, coming back sunburned and freckly from the beach — no matter what state you're in, you love it all. Because it's you, and you're amazing. *Finger snaps.*

Whether you love the idea of bikini shopping, don't deny yourself that second slice of cake, or don't feel the need to cross your legs while sitting in shorts — little moments like that prove that you're body positive. So go you!

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