Lanvin's Spring Ad Campaign Video Insinuates That Models Eat


In yet another thought-provoking ad campaign for Spring 2014, Lanvin has its models doing the unthinkable: talking about how much they love food. Unsurprisingly, the provocative little promo film was directed by virtuoso Steven Meisel, and features a table at which male and female models lounge in glamorous metallics and statement jewelry while toying with half-drunk glasses of water. Which is why the whispered narration, scripted like a conversation between a woman and her male companion, is so unexpected in its lurid description of food.

The viewer is first inclined to think the female voiceover is talking about Lanvin's luxe clothing: "It is a glossy texture…rich," but is contradicted by the next statement, that whatever this person is talking about "is one of the most exceptional things [she's] ever tried, thick and frothy." A male voice smugly replies, "It's my finest work." If you were starting to believe this an advertisement for the best cappuccino the world has ever seen, think again; the ad promo is clearly alluding to a love of food, which you don't usually hear models discussing in lusty terms. But it also evokes human desire for hedonistic pleasures in general, from a decadent dessert to the most extravagant clothing.

Alber Elbaz, Lanvin's artistic director, perfectly summarized the suggestive allure of the short film when he explained to WWD:

While we were certainly intrigued by the whispers and are a little in love with Lanvin's bold, colored metallics for spring, the advertisement almost distracts from the clothing entirely by focusing on the food-related dialogue. Or maybe we're just hungry.

Image: Lanvin