7 Tips To Quickly Get Ready After The Gym

Most of us try to fit in going to the gym as much as possible, but if you're pressed for time, it's hard to get in a workout when you have to be somewhere right afterward. Getting ready after a workout can be time consuming, so it can be helpful to know some tips to get ready quicker after the gym. Minimizing the time you spend showering and refreshing after working out can encourage you to exercise more often, and it can also help you get to wherever you need to be on time.

"Now that your workout is finished, you may be tired, or find that your brain is in 'workout mode,' says Rashelle Isip, productivity expert over email. "You have to get ready, but the problem is you may not have had a specific plan besides 'get ready.' You can help yourself get ready quicker at the gym by planning ahead."

Whether you're working out in the morning and headed to work, or working out in the evening and headed to happy hour, you can be out the door in a flash if you take the proper steps before your workout.

If you're looking for ways to get ready quickly after the gym, consider these seven tips to help you primp post-workout.

1. Get A Reserved Locker

Many gyms give you the option of renting a locker long-term. "If you have to schlep everything to and from the gym on every visit, you're adding unnecessary time to your workout," says personal trainer Jacqueline Kelly over email. Get a few mini staples, and keep them in your locker.

2. Use Dry Shampoo

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"Unless you've just run for an hour and you're drenched in sweat, don't wash your hair," says Kelly. "Instead, use a good dry shampoo. It absorbs the sweat, boosts the volume, and gives you that piecey, beachy look. It also makes your hair smell great."

3. Pull Your Hair Into A High Bun

Style your hair before you workout by pulling it into a high bun, which will prevent it from getting sweaty. "If your hair is in a high bun, it will look done beforehand, and the wetness from your hair will actually provide a natural shine and glisten," says celebrity stylist Tierra Tubbs over email.

4. Pack Your Clothes Ahead Of Time

"This takes a bit of planning the night before to organize your workout bag," says "It is really a system — choose your outfit for the day from your underwear to your outerwear, hose, shoes, accessories, and jewelry." Pack them in your bag in the order that you'll need them so you're not rummaging around when it comes time to get dressed.

5. Premake Snacks

Eating after a workout is important for your muscles, but stopping by the grocery store after the gym can suck up a lot of your time. "Spend one hour a week and pre-make your snack baggies and any shakes or mixes you may drink before or after the gym," says Heather Adessa, CEO of Glo Beuaty Bar over email. "They can be premixed and then grabbed while you’re heading out the door."

6. Stretch In The Shower

Instead of spending time stretching on your mat or in the sauna, finish up in the shower instead. "While you're soaping, stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, and back," says Kelly. Let your muscles loosen up when conditioning or when you're drying off.

7. Leave On Your Eye Makeup

"If your face sweats a lot, use a makeup remover towelette lightly all over your face, but don't remove your eye makeup application," says Kelly. "Use a Q-tip to clean up any eyeliner and mascara smudges." This ensures your face is cleared of sweat and dirt, but you won't have to apply your makeup from start to finish.

With a little bit of preparation, you can be showered and ready after the gym in no time.

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