22 Weird '90s Music Videos That You Somehow Managed To Forget About

The final decade of the 1900s gave popular culture so many very special things, and one of those very special things is a seemingly endless stream of strange music videos. The obvious weird video examples? Well, there is “Dope Hat” by Marilyn Manson. And there is “Schism” by Tool. And “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead. And the nightmare inducing “Come to Daddy” by Aphex Twin. And there is “Breathe” by the Prodigy." Oo, and let's not forget about “Dragula” by Rob Zombie! But those videos are only the surface of the weird ‘90s music video waters; if you spend enough time dragging Lake Internet, you will stumble upon an embarrassment of bizarre music vid riches.

Please throw on your spelunking helmets, flip on your flashlights, and grab your rappel gear, because we are about to climb down into deep recesses of our collective memory. The reason? We are going to revisit some wonderfully weird music videos from the '90s. You may remember these videos, but you may have forgotten just how bonkers these videos are. Some are surreal from start to finish, whereas others just give us brief flashes of wackiness. What do all of these vids have in common? They bring the weird.

1. “Sock It 2 Me” By Missy Elliott & Da Brat

Missy Elliott on YouTube

Hype Williams’s video for the Missy Elliott and Da Brat track is Mega Man perfection.

2. “Hunter” By Björk

BjorkTv on YouTube

Care to watch the Icelandic chanteuse morph into a polar bear martian? If your answer is anything other than a resounding "YES," maybe change your answer?

3. “Gimme Some More” By Busta Rhymes

May that yellow-eyed blue goblin haunt your dreams tonight!

4. “Shady Lane” By Pavement

Matador Records on YouTube

Lose your head? That’s no excuse. The show must go on. You keep on singing, with or without your dome.

5. “You Don’t Know” By 702

702VEVO on YouTube

Those robotic dance moves are my sun, moon, and stars.

6. “No Surprises” By Radiohead

Radiohead on YouTube

Aquaphobes, this one is for you! In this unsettling, albeit hypnotic clip, Thom Yorke’s astronaut helmet fills up with water.

7. "Coffee & TV" By Blur

emimusic on YouTube

Well, isn't that anthropomorphic milk carton just the most heroic bipedal dairy product you've ever seen?

8. "Aeroplane" By The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers on YouTube

I think I want to live in this video? At the very least, I know I want one of those gold sequined onesies.

9. “Nothing Really Matters” By Madonna

Warner Bros. Records on YouTube

What’s happening here? Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, your guess is probably better than mine. (OK, fine. Here's my guess: That liquid pillow is full of magical batch of Ck One eau de parfum—aka The Fragrance Of The '90s—and everyone wants its powers to rub off on them.) (Hey, I told you my guess was a mess.)

10. “Brain Stew/Jaded” By Green Day

Green Day on YouTube

In the sepia-toned first half of this video, the band posts up on a couch in a landfill only to be dragged around by a bulldozer. And just when you’re like, “I think I might understand what’s going on here,” the video cuts to images of hula dancers and a chalkboard. Foiled again!

11. “Give It Away” By The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers on YouTube

My biggest question for this video: How long did it take to scrub off that silver body paint?

12. “Whatzupwitu” By Eddie Murphy Feat. Michael Jackson

mjYanaGirl on YouTube

I love everything about this.

13. “Miserable” By Lit

LitVEVO on YouTube

Is Pam Anderson a giant, or are the members of Lit just especially tiny? The world may never know.

14. “No Diggity” By Blackstreet Feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen

BlackstreetVEVO on YouTube

True Life: I Gasped Out Loud The First Time The "No Diggity" Music Video Cut To That Puppet Plunking Away At The Piano.

15. “Comin’ On” By The Shamen

themosttogain on YouTube

Two words: Jason. Statham.

16. “I Miss You” By Björk

BjorkTv on YouTube

Director/animator John Kricfalusi serves up Ren & Stimpy realness.

17. “What About Us” By Total Feat. Missy Elliott & Timbaland

Neka lovmytwo on YouTube

OK, this video isn't thatpeculiar, but that guitar room is wicked strange. I cannot get over that all white room that appears to be sprouting small white guitars. Like, what's that room's deal? Are the guitars playable? If someone slams a door really hard and shakes the walls, will the guitars come crashing to the ground? What does the room mean?

18. “Dr. Jones” By Aqua

AquaHoldet on YouTube

There's weird, and then there's an-Aquafied-version-of-the-Indiana-Jones-franchise weird.

19. "Black Hole Sun" By Soundgarden

SoundgardenVEVO on YouTube

OK, I remembered this being freaky, BUT I WAS NOT READY TO REVISIT THAT COCKROACH. I've spent the last two decades putting that cockroach horror show from my mind. And now it's back. And I am none too pleased about it.

20. "Here Comes Your Man" By The Pixies

4AD on YouTube

It's a masterclass in the art of lip-syncing.

21. "Last Night" By Az Yet

AzYetVEVO on YouTube

And this is a masterclass in the art of green screen.

22. "Hooked On A Feeling" By David Hasselhoff

Haraldur Óskarsson on YouTube

In 1997, the Hoff released a cover of B.J. Thomas's classic. Sadly, the dancing baby from Ally McBeal does not appear in this otherwise spectacular video.

Stay gnarly, '90s music videos.

Image: parlophone/YouTube