'HIMYM's 200th Episode: Burning Qs for The Mother

Monday night's 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother is sure to be a doozy. The long-running CBS sitcom is taking a victory lap before ending its final season, and its milking that goat for all that its got. But tonight, things that have been in the works for ages are about to change, as The Mother takes center stage in an episode that's her very own. Aww/finally! With even the narration duties taken over by The Mother, Cristin Milioti, it seems a lot of questions we've long desired answers for will be addressed. Which is a pretty big departure from this season's seeming inability to deal with its impending end.

Plus, tonight's episode comes with a caveat: though this may be the first time The Mother meets Ted, it is actually not the time that Ted meets The Mother — that's a story for another day that will apparently/allegedly come, at some point. So in order to soothe the inevitable frustration that will come along with this episode (let's just see these two crazy kids fall in love already, can't we?!), we've come up with a few questions worth answering. To tide us over until the big day happens — whenever the heck that may be.

What has The Mother already heard about Ted?

Did Cindy confide in The Mother her feelings and impressions of Ted? Was she nice, mean, honest, or all of the above? And what did The Mother think about this?

How did The Mother become roommates with Cindy?

It'd be nice to get a little insight into how The Mother came into the wacky HIMYM universe.

What is Cindy and The Mother's relationship like?

Cindy's so bitter about her roommate's perceived reputation as the boyfriend-stealer (all-the-more amusing given Cindy's eventual marriage to Casey, a woman), but photos of the pair show them paling around sans bitterness on Cindy's end: what gives?

Did The Mother have any first impressions about Ted?

To hear her reflect back on her first opinions would be totally darling in the best way, admit it.

Will we ever find out what The Mother's name is?

Seriously. It would be nice to call her something other than a capitalized noun.

If The Mother is narrating this episode, does that mean she's not dead like some have speculated as to the reason behind Ted telling this long and dragged-out story of how they met?

Please don't let her be dead. It would be a rollercoaster of emotions too wild to handle!

Does The Mother have anything to do with that damn pineapple?

Seems that the writers might as well just do it for the sake of making everyone shutup about the fruity mystery.

Image: CBS