Kat Von D Drops More Too Faced Collabo Hints

Damn you, Kat Von D! The tattoo artist has established herself as a serious player in the makeup world with her Sephora-sold Kat Von D collection, thanks to the Studded Kiss lipsticks, Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, and foundations, which my friends and I love. You've probably heard the rumors that Kat Von D and Too Faced are collaborating, which began thanks to the teaser images that the reality star herself posted on social media. Fans of both brands (and the Internet itself) lost their minds with excitement and anticipation, because duh. Von D recently posted a few more images, which pretty much confirm the collab and which may or may not offer a huge hint about what it will look like.

First, I must point out that this potential pairing blows my mind, in a good way, since Kat Von D and Too Faced are edgy and fun brands committed to glam in totally opposite ways. But both have polar opposite aesthetics, as KVD's brand is decidedly and proudly rock 'n' roll and goth, while Too Faced items are majorly girly, with lots of heart-shaped packaging and chocolatey offerings, to say nothing of their upcoming Peanut Butter & Jelly eye shadow. However, there is always a tinge of good-girl-gone-bad with Too Faced items which is why this collabo would work. I'm also confident in the execution.

Von D didn't give up any concrete info with her latest postings, but let's analyze the clues, which may just be wishful thinking on my part.

Von D posted a snap of Too Faced's newly iconic Better Than Sex mascara. I use this stuff and it makes my lashes, which refuse to curl, curl. It's black as night, too. Could there be a combo palette, that includes a Kat Von D lipstick and liquid eyeliner, both brand's shadows, and a BTS mascara? Maybe. But then again, KVD could simply be a massive fan of this product and was doing her friends at Too Faced a solid by pimping it to her millions of followers.

She also shared a snap of this heart-shaped logo from the Too Faced HQ. Will this be a Valentine's Day collection? IDK, since hearts have long been incorporated into Too Faced's packaging. But it would make sense if it were.

The reality star also posed with Too Faced's Jerrod Blandino, wrapped in a big bear hug. She even apologized for the hype and not being able to reveal much more, indicating that the rumored collab might be cruelty-free in the hash tags, which is something I am so down with.

This is the original snap that sent makeupistas into a tizzy. I am in lust with that black heart compact. MUST. OWN. IT. Will this potential collabo be a mashup of existing products, sold in pairs, as that original picture might suggest? Could be. Will it encourage us to embrace our split beauty personalities, like Ariana Grande's MAC VIVAGLAM lip products do? Or will there be brand new products that don't yet exist? Or perhaps a Kat Von D version of Too Faced's amazing Melted liquid lipsticks?

There are so many possibilities and these are things I know I'd heart.

As I look at all this visual information, it's impossible to construct a narrative of exactly what Kat Von D x Too Faced might be. The only thing I am certain of its awesomeness. It is a collision of two different aesthetics but fans of both would brands win because the products and packaging would definitely slay. There's no way they wouldn't.

Images: The Kat Von D/Instagram (3)