This Hack Sharpens Dull Tweezers In A Flash

by Miki Hayes

Whether you regularly pluck your eyebrows, need to relieve yourself of an ingrown hair, or just want to more easily apply some false lashes, tweezers are one of those essential tools that can get it all done. That is, if they're sharp enough. Anyone who has ever used a pair of dull tweezers will know the difficulties of successfully securing and plucking that stray hair. But how do you actually sharpen dull tweezers?

Because a quality pair of slant tweezers tend to not be the most inexpensive beauty tool we keep in our arsenals, having to buy a replacement pair every time they become dull can start to add up.

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And sure, some brands, like Tweezerman, offer complimentary sharpening on their products. As nice as that is though, sometimes you need sharp tweezers quicker than the four to six weeks it takes to get the job done. So one of the easiest ways to sharpen your tweezers at home is to use an emory board. Yep, the same tool that you use to file down your nails and create smooth edges is the same tool that can instantly revive a pair of dull tweezers. And all you have to do is tweeze it.

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To quickly sharpen your tweezers, grasp the emory board, and pull. Repeat this movement in different directions to ensure that the tips are properly and thoroughly sharpened.

Another way to sharpen tweezers is by using sandpaper. And the method is exactly the same. Huzzah! So if you don't happen to have an emory board lying around, but you do have a piece of sandpaper (or vice versa), tweezing that gritty texture will help whip your tweezers back into shape.

Just remember: any pair of tweezers will become dull over time. The best way to prevent them from becoming dull too quickly is to make sure to clean them between uses. The best way to clean tweezers? Wipe them down with rubbing alcohol, and allow them to air-dry. This way, not only will they be disinfected, but there will be no lingering skin cells (ew), hairs, or fibers.

Awkward, eyebrow stubble will never catch you off guard again.

Images: Miki Hayes