North West Wears Cinderella Costume With A Twist Because She Does What She Wants — PHOTO

When it comes to fashion, this tot has a mind of her own. It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given who her parents are. North West likes to play dress up, no matter what time of day it is. And don’t make her pick just one character to dress up as, either. If she wants to wear a Cinderella dress with Minnie Mouse ears, then that’s exactly what she’ll do.

Kim K posted a picture of little Nori playing in her closet with the caption “It’s gonna be a long night…” But, I imagine it’d be pretty hard to stay mad when her daughter looked so adorable. Apparently, when the toddler likes a character, she gets super attached. I mean, we’ve all seen her holding on to that Frozen suitcase, after all. But, I think it’s nice that she can express herself through a game of dress up because fashion’s all about self-expression, anyway.

Whether she’s wearing a blazer with a tutu or pretending she’s a mermaid, West does no wrong when it comes to dressing. See her most recent game of late night dress up along with nine other times she’s recreated her favorite Disney princesses and more.

I'm with her on this one. Late nights were made for dressing up.

1. Lovely Lady Bug

Because lady bugs are the best insects, after all.

2. Elsa & Anna

These two make the perfect Elsa and Anna.

3. Glamping

Pretend camping is better than actual camping any day of the week, IMO.

4. Face Paint Queen

She never turns down the opportunity to get a pretty design painted on her face. Who could blame her when she pulls it off so well, you know?

5. Early Morning Minnie

There's nothing wrong with being dressed up as Minnie at 6 a.m. in the morning.

6. Princess Stroll

When your tutu matches your shoes and you get pushed around, you're pretty nailed the perfect princess lifestyle.

7. Mini Mermaids

They're so too cute in their mermaid tails.

8. Casual Everyday Wear

Come on, Kim K, she could totally pull this off while out in public.

9. Minnie Mouse

North West X Minnie Mouse, a.k.a. the best combo ever.

She already has an eye for fashion, and the fact that her dress up game is so strong only proves it. West is shining bright, like the fashion star she is.


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