Lazy Girl Hacks For Fresh Skin Post-Work

While working out does wonders for your body, it doesn't always leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. Feel clean from head-to-toe after your workout by stealing a few lazy girl skin care hacks. Lazy girls know how to get the job done without spending hours in the locker room. Don't waste your time with countless steps and unnecessary products. Head out the door fast by learning how to take care of your skin post-workout.

When it comes to getting clean, be sure to focus on your body just as much as you would your face. As your skin is your largest organ, it's important to take care of it. Start your skin care process before you even hit the locker room. While you workout, make sure to keep yourself hydrated as well as sweat-free. During your workout, keep a hand-towel around to whisk away any excess sweat or oil buildup. Wondering what else you can do to get yourself feeling clean after a workout? Here are seven lazy girl hacks for fresh skin post-workout.

1. Wipes Are Your Best Friend

Wipes, $13, Amazon

If you don't have time to shower after your workout, then make sure to reach for hypoallergenic wipes. These wet wipes will help to remove any oil, dirt, or sweat that is still lingering on your skin. However, don't make the mistake of using just one wipe for every single area (gross!). When it comes to wiping down your body with wet wipes, using more is definitely merrier, according to

2. Use A Spray Toner

Toner, $24, Skinnyskinny

As a lazy girl myself, I like my skin care quick and easy. That's why I always reach for a sprayable toner when I want to recharge my skin. After a workout, I like to reach for a toner that is going to help fight off acne and oil buildup. I definitely don't want any sweat to be lingering around in my pores. Just a few spritz of toner, and my face feels completely refreshed.

3. Reach For An Anti-Inflamation Moisturizer

Moisturizer, $30, Birchbox

After toning your skin, Refinery29 recommends using a moisturizer in order to lock in those skin nourishing benefits. When choosing a moisturizer, find one that pulls double duty by fighting off post-workout redness while hydrating your skin.

4. Fight Off Bacne

The easiest way to fight off zits that can crop up on your body is to choose the proper workout clothes. POPSUGAR recommends to stay away from workout clothes that are too tight or made of heavy material like cotton. These tend to trap in sweat instead of whisking it away, which can lead to clogged pores and nasty zits. Instead, reach for clothes made of lightweight materials that will allow your skin to breathe.

5. Get Out Of Your Workout Clothes

While you work out, your gym clothes tend to absorb a lot of your sweat and oils. Wearing these dirty clothes for an extended period of time can lead to breakouts and oil buildup. Who needs that? After wiping down your skin post-workout, be sure to change into clean clothes to avoid any zits or clogged pores.

6. Use Baby Powder To Mask Smells

Baby Powder, $8, Amazon

Baby powder is a miracle worker against awkward smells, according to Dust the powder into the soles of your workout shoes in order to prevent smelly foot odor, or sprinkle throughout your hair to absorb any oils or smell.

7. Turn To Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup, $20, Amazon

If you need to apply makeup after your workout, stay away from heavy liquid or cream products, according to Vogue. These can seep into your pores and cause further blockage or irritation. Instead, turn to mineral makeup. It can glide over the pores while diffusing any redness or discoloration.

Images: Pixabay (3); Courtesy Brands