'Breaking Bad' Alum Jonathan Bank Joins 'Better Call Saul,' Automatically Makes It 60% More Anticipated Than It Already Was


If you're a Breaking Bad fan who somehow wasn't already looking forward to spinoff-prequel-thing Better Call Saul, well I've got news for you: Jonathan Banks is heading to  Better Call Saul in a reprise (...preprise?) of his Breaking Bad character. Huzzah!

Banks, who earned mass critical admiration for his role as hitman/enforcer/fixer Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad, has signed on to the prequel. It's a nice get for the show considering how beloved Mike was to fans the first time around, and it'll be interesting for the show to be able to explore who Mike was before we met him the first time around. Here's what Banks said in a 2011 interview with Vulture regarding the character:

And in a 2012 interview with HitFix:

The jury's still out as to whether Better Call Saul will live up to the legend that now is Breaking Bad — it seems unlikely given the heights Breaking rose to, but you never know — but hey, if Mike's there, we'll have a solid reason for tuning in.