20 Funny Valentine's Day Cards For Single People

There is obviously nothing wrong with being single, but let's be real — it can be tough to be alone on one of the corniest, most lovey-dovey days of the year. I'm obviously talking about Valentine's Day, a day that has the power to make unattached people all over roll their eyes in unison. That's why it's important to cheer up the singles in your life, and you can start with these really funny Valentine's Day cards for single people. After all, you know what they say: laughter is the best medicine.

While most card stores offer a sickening array of romantic cards but almost no other kind, Etsy is a different story. The online craft shop has so many funny Valentine's Day cards that looking through them can be overwhelming. But I did just that to bring you some of the most hilarious cards on there that any single person would want to receive on Feb. 14. Whether you're doing something of a Galentine's Day with fellow single friends, or you just want to make someone smile, you have to pick out at least one of these cards to give to a friend this year.

There are enough options here for anyone: your party animal friend who just wants to have fun on V-Day, your friend who is celebrating with you, or your friend who is filled with single rage. Check out these 20 hilarious Valentine's Day cards for single people, and just try not to buy all of them.

1. Anti-Valentine's Day Card

What? It's totally fine to be bitter about all of the happy couples out there on Valentine's Day. No one is judging you.

Anti-Valentine's Day Card, $4.30, Etsy

2. Dating A Jerk Card

Want to buy something for a recently single friend this year? Get her this card — it speaks the truth, and does it in a really pretty font.

Being Single Can Suck Card, $4.50, Etsy

3. Pet Your Cat Card

If you resemble a cat lady, then just embrace it and be a cat lady. Cats are the best. Why wouldn't you want to be a cat lady? Remind a friend of this with this cute card.

Pet Your Cat Card, $4.50+, Etsy

4. Cupid and Wine Card

Few things are better than a night spent with a great friend and some great wine — even a Valentine's Day spent with a significant other can't always beat that. Remind your BFF of that with this cute gift (and a bottle of wine to boot).

Printable Cupid and Wine Card, $3.25, Etsy

5. Tequila Card

I mean, yeah. This is a valid statement. Buy this for your friend who is obsessed with margaritas, then go out and have some fun together.

Tequila Card, $4.50, Etsy

6. A Truthful Card

Let's be honest — candy hearts really do taste terrible. They are chalky and don't really have much flavor and they're just... confusing. Do you suck on them until they dissolve? Do you chew them? It's too much. They need to go.

Candy Hearts Card, $5.50, Etsy

7. Switching To Geico Card

Who can resist a good pun?! This one is beyond perfect. Even your saddest, most single friend will crack a smile at this one.

Switching To Geico Card, $4.27, Etsy

8. Singles Awareness Card

This is so true. When you buy yourself a box of candy (which you absolutely should), you can eat what you want and get rid of what you don't want without bae being like, "Oh did you not like that?" and making you feel guilty.

Single Awareness Card, $4.50, Etsy

9. Most Important Things Card

Accurate. Movie marathons trump everything.

Valentine's Day Card, $3.25, Etsy

10. Happily Ever After Card

It's easy to feel bummed about your lack of a love life when you're single on Valentine's Day. Remind your friend that it isn't always sunshine and roses with this card.

Happily Ever After Card, $4.50+, Etsy

11. A Sassy Card

Who couldn't use a little humorous sarcasm this Feb. 14? Plus, this is very true, and my new favorite way for singles everywhere to answer that question.

Anti-Valentine's Day Card, $4.27, Etsy

12. The Most Mature Card

What? It's true. Sometimes you just need a little childish humor in your life to remind you not to take everything so seriously.

Fart Valentine's Day Card, $4.30, Etsy

13. Dishes Card

Perhaps it isn't the best time to remind your single friend how long it's been since she last had sex, but this card is really too good to pass up.

It's OK Dishes Card, $4.50, Etsy

14. Friends Card

If your friend is not thrilled about being single this year, give them this card. And then actually do this. It's a great way for her to vent, and this is just funny.

Friends Card, $4, Etsy

15. Candy Heart Card

This is a very valid point. It's a cute card that drives the point home that Valentine's Day is silly. And that may be what your friend wants to hear right now.

Candy Heart Card, $4.50, Etsy

16. Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Card

You always hear about women being cat ladies, but what about dudes? They can love cats just as much as girls can! Give this to your single guy friend who loves cats.

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Card, $4.50, Etsy

17. Favorite People Card

When you've got these three on your side, who else do you really need?

Friend Card, $4, Etsy

18. Miley Cyrus Card

OK, so make sure you're giving this to your single friend who has a great sense of humor. Also, make sure you're single too. This sounds a little condescending coming from someone having regular couple sex.

Miley Cyrus Card, $4.37, Etsy

19. Pizza Card

It's true. Pizza is cheesy, delicious, and wonderful. Pizza is a great Valentine. Buy a large pie, and bring it over to your friend with this card. Then stay, obviously.

Pizza Card, $5, Etsy

20. Nicki and Bey Card

Channel one of the best BFF duos of all time: Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. This card will immediately make any single girl feel empowered.

Pretty On Fleek Card, $4, Etsy

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