20 Funny Valentine's Day Cards To Send Your Significant Other

Valentine's Day is here once again, and for those who find it much easier to crack a joke than express true feelings, I feel you, I hear you, I am you. Sometimes it's easier to give funny Valentine's Day cards than it is to say "Hey, I am madly in love with you. That is a fact." A huge shiver runs down my back and it feels like all of my organs shrivel up whenever I try to express my real feelings. It's not because I'm lying, I really am deeply in love with my boyfriend, but boy is it awful to be vulnerable. Thank god for texting, because now I can just type my true feelings without all that silly face-to-face anxiety.

Of course there are plenty of other reasons to send a funny card, maybe you are a funny person, maybe you like funny things, maybe you are still testing the waters of your relationship and aren't sure how honest you can be yet. Well, no matter your reason there is something for everyone below. From cards about awkward unlabeled relationships to cards just about cute butts, your Valentine's Day card prayers have been answered. But please, don't thank me, that's too much raw emotion for me to handle.

1. Be Mine

I don't believe in using sex as a bartering tool, but maybe just this once...

Be Mine card, $4.50, etsy.com

2. Dark Side

Tell bae they are your light.

Dark Side card, $5, etsy.com

3. Obligatory Card

I mean, if you have to send a card, it might as well be this one.

Obligatory Card, $5, etsy.com

4. Cheesy Card

If there is ever a reason to be overly cheesy, it's Valentine's Day. And also any time after midnight, but with a real block of cheddar and TV.

Cheesy Card, $3.65, etsy.com

5. Be My Valentine?

Looking for a job? I've got a pretty sweet gig opening up, with tons of vacation days and kissing.

Be My Valentine card, $4.50, etsy.com

6. Bee Mine

Is your SO obsessed with puns? Charm them with this adorably punny card.

Bee Mine card, $5, etsy.com

7. I'm A Keeper

Obviously bae is number one, but sometimes you need to love yourself first, right?

I'm a Keeper card, $4.50, e tsy.com

8. Honestly The Best

Give that official Abe Lincoln endorsement with this card.

Honestly the Best, $4.50, etsy.com

9. Cute Butt

Don't get it twisted. I'm only here for that butt.

Cute Butt card, $4.50, etsy.com

10. Things I Love

An accurate summary of all the things I love. And look, you made the cut!

Things I Love Card, $4.50, etsy.com

11. Valentine Matchbox

If you haven't asked your valentine yet, you might as well ask in the most adorable way possible.

Valentine Matchbox, $4.95, etsy.com

12. Chapstick

The inside reads "because I need you on my lips."

Chapstick card, $4, etsy.com

13. You'll Do

Look, if I can't have Ryan Gosling, you're good enough.

You'll Do card, $2.50, etsy.com

14. Heart Beats For You

Nothing is more romantic than scientific diagrams.

Heart Beats For You card, $4.50, etsy.com

15. Significant Otter

And the puns just keep on coming. At least they are adorable.

Significant Otter card, $4, etsy.com

16. Kanye and Kanye

May you always love your significant other as much as Kanye loves Kanye.

Kanye and Kanye card, $7.89, etsy.com

17. Right Swipe

So you know you're a match.

Right Swipe card, $4, etsy.com

18. Love You Many Moons

Butts = Love, that's just a mathematical fact.

Love You Many Moons card, $5, ofakind.com

19. Awkward Dating

Are you in a confusing relationship? Well this card might be perfect for you.

Awkward Dating card, $5, ofakind.com

20. Court You

If any living person could bless your relationship, it obviously needs to be RBG herself.

Court You card, $5, ofakind.com

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