Cute Profesh Hairstyles For Work That Are So Easy

When you want to look professional but are running late in the morning, you're going to need some quick work hairstyles under your belt to help pull together a semi-coherent look. I always find myself cutting it a little close and hopping on the L train to 8th Avenue at the last possible second, so hair has never really been my priority. I run a brush through it and it's done. It just kind of hangs on my head — flat with a little natural wave — like a possum pretending to be dead. There is no such thing as volume, shine, or braided ponytails for me.

Additionally, I have never been the best with doing things behind my head so I just generally assume that people who can fishtail braid or pull together sweeping updos are magical unicorns who can grant wishes. However, when going step-by-step through a lot of tutorials and looks, I found that most are actually not entirely insane. If others can learn to do it, so can you! Just stop being super late all the time, self.

Today you will learn from some of those magical rainbow wish-granting genie unicorns. Here are a few awesome tutorials that will make you feel cool and totally work appropriate without taking up all of your time. Don't worry, you can Instagram the looks in your office bathroom!

1. Looks For Straight Hair

I absolutely love how simplistic every look is. She doesn't even have to explain! I also have straight hair (although sometimes it waves the freak out), so these looks are perfect alternatives to dead possum hair.

2. Looks For The Ponytail Obsessed

This is the video for ponytail obsessed ladies.

3. Looks For The Short Haired

If you want to look at a Tay Swift bob hair tutorial, look no further. Mallory makes it easy!

4. The Donut Bun Supreme

This is easy if you already know how to fishtail. Aren't hair socks just your best friends?

5. Every Day Updos For Every Person In The Office

Kayley always does creative and simple tutorials. But, what really hooked me were the names of each look.

6. Your Morning Braided Bun

Dani Mansutti makes killer tutorials. Go check out her every day makeup tutorial too!

7. Simplistic Up, Down, And Bun

I wish I looked that good when I woke up. There are usually a few feathers from my pillow in my mouth, and my hoodie is somehow always on backwards so I think I've gone blind. The ladies (like Mimi) over at Luxy Hair are professionals, so I generally try to listen to them.

8. Short Hair Braids That Hold

If you have short to medium hair, go with MsLaBelleMel. She's been doing this for a few years and knows her stuff.

9. Three Looks For Every Time Of The Day

I know, this is another Luxy Hair tutorial. However, I think that Ashley is the cutest human ever? Plus, these hairstyles are classic.

10. Amazingly Easy & Beautiful Braids

Angela's zig zag part is a masterpiece and she really works that updo.

11. Looks For Long Curly & Wavy Hair

I love how honest Tess is with us. If you have a long wavy/bumpy look, you should listen to her. It must be hard dealing with all of that in the morning! She also has some killer fashion vlogs, so check out her channel.

Images: Danielle Lisa/YouTube