Wait, Are Ygritte & Jon Snow Back Together IRL?!

Times may have looked tough for Jon Snow fans for a while there, but not only is he alive (I'm like 75 percent sure, anyway), but it looks like he and Ygritte might be back together again! That is to say, the actors who played the onscreen lovers, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie might have reunited. The two actors were reportedly spotted together LAX on Thursday — and then actually photographed holding hands at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles on Friday. This was only days after they were reportedly getting "couple-y" in a London restaurant, as reported by Perez Hilton.

This is significant news for Game of Thrones fans, since the two actors' characters, Ygritte the wilding and Jon Snow, had a tumultuous relationship of their own. For those who might not remember their relationship, they meet when Jon Snow and his fellow Night's Watch capture Ygritte. After Snow shows mercy by not killing her as he was ordered to, they spend the night together trying to "keep warm." She attempts to seduce him before leading him into a wildling trap. However, soon after, Jon Snow convinces the wildlings he is on their side, and he and Ygritte share a passionate night in a grotto causing Snow to break his Night's Watch vows and lose his virginity. When he later reveals that he's still loyal to the Watch, Ygritte shoots him, but is unable to kill him. Later, she and her wildlings attack Snow and the Night's Watch, and she once again is unable to kill Snow; her hesitation causes her to be killed by another member of the watch.

Harington's relationship with Leslie was (likely) not this tumultuous. Look how adorable they are holding hands at The Grove on Friday!

And look how adorable they are maybe kissing!

Leslie and Harington had a slightly less tumultuous relationship IRL. Here's an overview of their relationship — or at least what we know of it, based off reports. Both actors have expressed their desire to keep their personal lives private, and so they've been frustratingly tight-lipped on the subject.

2012: They Reportedly Got Together

They were first rumored to be dating in 2012, having bonded on the set of GoT. Cute photos of the couple out together and at dinner dates abounded.

2013: They Reportedly Broke Up

Reports in the summer of 2013 confirmed that the couple had split, much like their GoT characters but with fewer arrows (I assume).

2014: They Might Have Gotten Back Together Again

US Weekly reported in 2014 that the couple was dating again, though their source described it as a casual thing. However, Harington told GQ in early 2015 that he was single.

2014: Harington Might Have Dated Emilia Clarke

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It was rumored in 2014 that Harington and fellow GoT star Emilia Clarke were getting romantic — but these rumors were never confirmed.

2016: They Maybe Got Back Together?

Which brings us to these latest rumors that the couple is back together in 2016. Those pictures are pretty encouraging, but nothing has been confirmed (and, according to E! Online, both Harington and Leslie's reps declined to comment). So, like Snow himself, it seems we know nothing.

Still, though, how adorable do they look in those photos?!

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