Captain Phasma Will Be In 'Episode VIII' & Her Mysterious Background Could Finally Be Unveiled

One of the biggest Star Wars: The Force Awakens questions has been answered: yes, Captain Phasma survived that massive explosion, as according to People, Phasma will be in Star Wars VII — or at least her portrayer, Gwendoline Christie, will be. That's no surprise, as while those hoping for the first female baddie of the Star Wars universe to make a major impact and yet saw Captain Phasma not having a whole lot to do in the film besides look super imposing in her epic armor, the character has quickly become a fan-favorite. There is an excellent chance her journey is just beginning, and knowing Christie will definitely be back means Captain Phasma fans can now officially get excited.

"I will be in the next Star Wars movie," Christie told People at the SAG Awards, revealing the info for the first time. The actor didn't offer up any firm details about what role Phasma will play in the coming movie, but a character as naturally badass as she is has to have a future full of terrifying and delighting fans. Phasma presented herself as a mysterious figure with strong leadership skills in TFA, and given that she was responsible for the fall of the Starkiller base, the Stormtroopers may not be happy to see their fearless leader back in action. Captain Phasma may find herself in a position where she has to redeem herself in the eyes of her army and when you work for the dark side, redemption is never pretty.

Given the way she clashed with Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma could even find herself switching sides in the upcoming movie. How loyal will she be to Ren? Sure, she is loyal to the First Order to a fault, but she has no patience for disobedience or wavering in her ranks. The army she commands is one where discipline is valued above all, and Ren is not the most disciplined person. One way the Star Wars franchise could make excellent use of Phasma is by putting her at odds with Ren. Having already made a grave mistake that cost lives, Phasma will surely be sensitive about allying herself with a volatile person like Ren, no matter how powerful he is. She controls the Stormtroopers, but she may find herself faced with a hard choice if she eventually has to answer exclusively to Ren.

No matter what is ahead for Captain Phasma as a character, I just want to see the movies utilize Christie's strength. Not only is she a talented actor who could bring major nuance to the role in the wake of the Starkiller disaster, she is also excellent at fight scenes. Game of Thrones fans know how flawless Christie is when it comes to engaging in hand to hand combat. She needs to have at least one major fight scene in the Star Wars films before her time with the franchise is over.

The first movie introduced fans to Captain Phasma's potential, but now it is up to Episode VIII to stand back and let Christie shine as the no-nonsense, baddie everyone wants more of.

Images: interpretinginterpretations/Tumblr; beeeeblebrox/Tumblr