This Harry Potter Reunion Of Ginny & Ron Weasley Will Thrill Potterheads — PHOTO

Up until now, January has been a considerably dark time for Harry Potter fans, due to the loss of Alan Rickman. But even though I'm still (and, probably always will be) mourning Professor Snape's alter ego, I can also acknowledge the good things that happen in and to the fandom as well. Especially when the prospect is particularly bright, like the fact that an amazing Harry Potter reunion just took place. On Sunday, Bonnie Wright posted a photo with Rupert Grint on her Instagram — meaning that two Weasley family members are back together, and once again, my heart is whole.

Admittedly, in the photo, the two fake siblings are looking decidedly muggle-like. But it's all good, because Wright captioned the photo, "Family time #stillnoredheademoji," with the emoji of the man and woman holding hands. I think that the lack of whimsy in their appearance is totally fine when the actors are still blurring the lines of fact and fiction right along with us.

Even better than the two youngest Weasley siblings hanging out together as grown-ups? The fact that they still look eerily alike despite not actually being blood related, and of course, the location of where they were hanging out. Wright tagged them at the Islands of Adventure where, you guessed it, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is. So, yes, there is a god, and her name is J.K. Rowling.

Lift your spirits with a Ron and Ginny Weasley photo that would make Molly Weasley's heart sing, below:

If only Fred were alive to see this.