'KUWTK' Addresses Lamar's Health Scare

For a family that made it their literal business to be as ostentatious as possible, the Kardashians showed a surprising level of restraint on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when they addressed Lamar Odom's hospitalization. Though the episode included scenes discussing how Scott Disick entered rehab, and plans for Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday party, towards the middle of the show, a title card flashed, announcing Lamar’s brothel incident in October 2015. The text said that the Kardashians suspended filming for seven days while they supported Lamar in the hospital, and the show resumed two weeks later, picking up with a scene between Kris and Kim discussing Lamar’s condition. And, the lack of coverage during Lamar’s health crisis was a very respectful decision on the family and show's behalf.

Though the show depicts the family’s concern for Lamar Odom’s wellbeing, KUWTK strayed from any blatant scenes discussing his terrifying health crisis. Much of the coverage centered on Khloe’s adamant support for her ex while he was hospitalized, with Kris noting that Khloe didn’t sleep for a week. Khloe even missed out on Kim’s “pregnancy themed” birthday, where the entire Kardashian clan donned fake bellies — even Caitlyn Jenner! Though Kris was taking part in the merrymaking, she also discussed Lamar’s condition with a family friend. “It is a miracle that he is alive,” Kris said.

I’m sure it was no small sacrifice for Khloe to miss out on family events, but she proved herself to be a wonderful pillar of support for Lamar during such a traumatic time in his life. Such a strong show of support from a loved one is a touching thing to see on a television show that was built on showing as much drama as possible -- and it was nice to see that KUWTK handled this incident with the utmost of respect for Lamar.