Kat Von D Beauty's Upcoming Eye Palettes Slay

As if Kat Von D hasn't given us enough to be excited about regarding her constantly expanding Sephora beauty empire. The tattoo artist teased her upcoming Kat Von D x Too Faced collaboration. Now, the Kat Von D Beauty official Instagram account revealed their Shade + Light Color Contour Eyeshadow palettes, each of which will contain four shades in stunning, matte black cases that have a totally rock 'n' roll x goth x coffin-like shape. Not only is the sculpted packaging utterly amazing and designed to travel well, but the actual products inside are gorgeous because of course they are. What colors will these new Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes come in?

There are four individual palettes with four coordinating shadows a piece. According to the Insta caption, they will come in Rust, Smoke, Sage, and Plum color themes. Photos of the palettes were also posted, so you get a visual of the color combos and you can start getting creative and thinking about how you want to pair them. It's the same triple-milled, highly pigmented, and matte formula that the brand is known for. The color payoff with KVD shadows is insanely awesome.

Let's get a look at these bad boys and herald their arrival, shall we?

Hello, beautiful! That case is pretty epic. From the font to the shape, it's 100 percent bad ass. You will feel like a femme fatale carrying this around in your bag.

This is Rust. You can totally create sunset smoky eyes with this palette.

This baby is Plum, because a violet smoky eye is in style all year long.

Here we have Sage, which is largely neutral but you can rock it out with a pop of green in the inner corners or smudge it in the crease. See! I'm already getting all kinds of creative already.

Finally, this bad boy is Smoke, which will allow you to craft mistake-proof, sultry, and sooty smoky eyes.

UPDATE: We reached out to brand reps, who confirmed that the palettes, known as Shade + Light Eye Contour Quads, will be available at Sephora,, and in the spring. They are a part of the Summer 2016 collection and will be available in April. Each palette contains an illustrated tutorial that provides tips on how to achieve a variety of eye effects using the base, contour, highlight, and define shades. The products are also 100 percent cruelty-free and vegan.

I can totally pass the time until April gawking at the palette packaging and the inside colors. They're pretty on the inside and out. And they embody the signature Kat Von D rock 'n' roll x goth aesthetic flawlessly.

I sorta feel like Von D is as well known for her Sephora makeup collection as she is for her tattoo skills. Makeup is a visual art, just like tattooing, so it makes sense.

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (5)