Cindy Crawford Is Retiring, But Here's Why She's Not Going Anywhere — PHOTOS

While Gisele isn't exactly retiring from active runway duty, one of her fellow models is closing the book on the profession. Supermodel Cindy Crawford is retiring. Crawford, famous for her facial mole, her thick crop of brown hair, and for pretty much exemplifying the term "supermodel," confirmed to that she isn't planning to actively model anymore. She turns 50 on Feb. 20 and is moving on, but not because she isn't equally stunning at the half-century mark. Look at her — she is just as devastatingly beautiful now as she was back in her '80s and '90s heyday. She's just been there, done that, and is ready to move on from professional modeling.

In the February issue of the United Airlines publication Rhapsody, Crawford said, "I'm sure I'll have my picture taken for 10 more years, but not as a model anymore. And that’s okay. I’ve done it. I've worked with all these incredible photographers. What else do I need to do? I can't keep reinventing myself. I shouldn't have to keep proving myself. I don't want to."

Update: Crawford posted an Instagram follow up, noting that while she wants to shift her professional focus, she isn't "officially" retiring just yet and is excited about what the future brings. Her statement is open-ended, meaning anything is possible, including more modeling work because you just never know.

Preach! Crawford sounds like a woman who is confident in her beauty, in her skin, and in her legacy. In her initial quotes, she spoke about how she has achieved so much in her career and doesn't have anything left to prove. She isn't interested in keeping up with the Hadids. Nor should she be.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But don't fret. You haven't seen the last of Crawford. You don't need to seek out classic images from her peek modeling period, either. She does that for you, but more on that in a sec.

While Crawford's mini-me and lookalike daughter Kaia will likely follow in her mom's ankle booties and launch a serious modeling career of her own, Crawford will remain visible in a multitude of ways, as she has options and she has her Meaningful Beauty skincare line.

But here's the real deal. Crawford is pretty prolific on Instagram and you can follow her journey there regardless of what her professional future holds. She certainly lets fans in on her personal life via her Insta. She does rock lots of throwbacks from iconic shoots and covers, but there's plenty of current stuff on her feed.

1. Girl Time

She often shares shots of her hang time with Kaia. Those glasses, though. She remains a source of fashion inspo.

2. Selfies

She's also a modern mom, FaceTiming with her son Presley.

3. No Makeup, No Problem

Crawford remains stunning sans makeup.

4. Son Light

She loves being a mom... obviously. But her sunglasses game remains super strong... even when being goofy.

5. Girl Squad

She hangs out with Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and co. She was a member of an OG famous girl squad, which also featured fellow supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell.

6. Bed Selfies

So many celebs post the obligatory bed selfies. Crawford does, too, since she is totally up on trends and looks gorgeous without a lick of makeup of course.

7. Stylin'

Check her out in mom mode, doing Kaia's hair. Her daughter really is her doppelgänger. So yeah expect Kaia Gerber to lead the next gen of models in the post-Gigi Hadid x Kendall Jenner era. Yes, I said it and I think it. Mark my words.

8. Eva Mendes' Twin

Her selfies slay! Crawford totally looks like Eva Mendes' twin here.

9. Forget Those Filters

Don't you love how the light hits her face here? Crawford really isn't trying to hide behind filters. She is all about showing off her natural beauty. Yes, she is blessed. But she is so confident in who she is. These photos prove it.

10. Live To Ride

She is living the life and inviting us in to share it. It's so much more fun to see her IRL than merely posed in magazine spreads and covers. Yes, she does post a fair amount of "classic" shots, making her Instagram full-service. It's all eras of Cindy Crawford.

11. High Profile

Her profile is illuminated by the sun hitting the water. How lovely.

12. Messy Makeup

This messy makeup selfie totally shows her playful side, which is something she does often on her Insta.

13. The Simple Things

She was stoked to get an anniversary bouquet... just like the rest of us!

As noted, Crawford's Instagram is a treasure trove of current and classic images. She's not going anywhere... whether she's done with typical model posing or not.

Images: Cindy Crawford/Instagram (14)