Trump Supporters Are More Likely To Do This In Bed

If you think of young people who support Trump, a lot of assumptions might come to mind. Right-wing, probably. But who would of thought they were the most likely group to film themselves having sex?

Really. Match just released the sixth annual Singles In America survey and it contains so, so much fascinating info about young single people. The surveyed over 5,500 singles and looked at everything from sex habits to ex habits to political and dating preferences. Seriously— if you want to know what food is most likely to get you a second date or how many people dream about getting married on the first date, this is the place to look. And one of the weirdest tidbits I found was that, compared to Hillary Clinton supports, Trump supporters are way more likely to film themselves having sex. Like 99 percent more likely. Because if you're looking like Trump's hair all the time, you all feel like goddamned porn stars apparently.

But more than being a Trump supporter, age made a big difference in how likely you were to make a homemade porn. Compared to baby boomers, millennials were 165 percent more likely to film themselves. We truly embrace technology whenever we can.

So if you're young and support Trump, you're probably not camera shy. Here are other weird things we learned about what political stance you take:

1. Trump Supporters Expect You To Put Out

OK, I think this was the craziest statistic I came across, if only because it's the most extreme. But here it is: compared to Clinton supporters, Trump supporters were 1,104 percent more likely to expect sex on the first date. Expect. Gross, right? That is a horrible word to use in relation to sex. If you want to have sex on the first date, great! Go for it. But "expecting" it is not good.

Oh, and you read that correctly: 1,104 percent, over a thousand percent more likely. That boggles my mind.

2. Whereas Clinton Supporters Expect Nothing To Happen On The First Date... Nothing

If Trump supporters are expecting sex, Clinton supporters are the opposite. In fact, compared to Trump, her supporters are 2,133 percent more likely to expect no physical contact on the first date. None at all. That's a huge percentage. Although I'm liberal and date liberal people, and I would say that pretty much all my first dates have been hands off except for maybe a goodbye hug, so it adds up.

3. Caring About Politics Makes You Better In Bed

If there's one reason to get involved in politics, this is it. (This is not it, there are many, many reasons to care about politics. Seriously.) But it's certainly a nice bonus— compared to their apolitical counterparts people who care about politics, on either side, are 13 percent more likely to have orgasms and 32 percent more likely to experience multiple orgasms. So get involved, because Uncle Sam wants you (to achieve climax).

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