How Does Kathryn Edwards Know Lisa Rinna? The 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Stars Grew Up Together

Lisa Rinna recently introduced Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers to new cast member Kathryn Edwards, and, even after just two episodes, it seems like the Housewife is going to change everything. But, how do RHOBH stars Lisa & Kathryn know one another? According to ET Online, the two met back in the '90s, while both were living in Los Angeles. Lisa was a star on Days of Our Lives while Kathryn was modeling. The two avoided any sort of professional jealousy between them by making sure to stay far away from one another's profession — according to Kathryn on RHOBH, she was not a fan of acting, while Lisa had already moved on from modeling and started her successful acting career.

I think the friendship between these two will be fun to watch throughout the season since they have already known one another for years. And, they're both very up front about everything that's changed since they were last super close, from their career highs and lows to appreciation for good plastic surgery (and regrets for some not-so-good plastic surgery). Since most of the other ladies have been at one another's throats for seasons now, it's nice to get a little taste of genuine friendship between Lisa and Kathryn. And, since they both love to share throwback photos, there's even photographic evidence of their wild and crazy L.A. days! Here's everything that the two were getting up to back in the day when they first met.

They Were Both Young And Single

Even though both Lisa and Kathryn are now married and settled down, back in the day, they likely loved to take advantage of the fun of living in sunny L.A. with booming careers.

And They Looked So Young

Check out Kathryn and Lisa's headshots from way back when — they still look great, but they look so young in these #TBTs!

Kathryn Was Modeling

Lisa was totally right on RHOBH — Kathryn hasn't changed one bit, even though probably 20 years have gone by since she took these modeling shots!

They Met Other Celebrities As Well

Well, former President Ronald Reagan is more than just a "celebrity," but this was certainly a significant meeting. And, Lisa's photo doesn't quite throw it back as far as when she and Kathryn first met, but the presence of totally awesome Jackie Collins makes this photo irresistible.

They Were Making Things That Would Become Iconic

Kathryn was the first ever female model for Nike, and her "Just Do It" photograph made athletic wear so appealing. Meanwhile, Lisa was starting her run on Days of Our Lives as Billie Reed, who exploded onto the show with a... passionate rendition of "Come Rain Or Come Shine."

And, They Remained Friendly As Well

Even though the two said they hadn't seen one another in a long time when they hung out on RHOBH for the first time, Kathryn and Lisa have remained friendly over the years as evidenced by their sweet reunion. If Kathryn is looking for someone to back her up as she takes on Faye Resnick and tries to find her footing in the group, she can at least know that she has one old friend to have her back.

Image: Bravo