The Best Rihanna "Work" Lyrics Will Soon Become Your Favorite Lines Of The Year

If the new Rihanna song "Work" has taken over your life like it has mine, if it has you moving constantly to its catchy hook, then you probably have already memorized every single one of the song’s lyrics. Because, ever since "Work" was released, the first single off the singer’s new album Anti has been the talk of the town. If you, like me, can’t stop listening to the song, then you probably already have picked out best lyrics from Rihanna's “Work.” Yeah. Pretty sure I did that on the first day, because some of these lyrics are ahhhhh-mazing.

And the thing that makes them so amazing is the fact that a lot of them could easily become your slogan for 2016. These "Work" lyrics are the best, and not just because they rhyme and are fun to sing. I mean, that’s appealing too. But they are sure to become the lines you say on repeat to your best friend, your sister, your brother, and your boo. Honestly, there are so many instances in life for which these lyrics would be perfect.

They’re tweet-worthy, Instagrammable, and they would make one hell of a Facebook status. But, even more than that, they have enough heart to stand on their own, especially the ones below.

1. “You Took My Heart On My Sleeve For Decoration”


Every heartbroken listener's new favorite metaphor.

2. “If You Had A Twin, I Would Still Choose You”


‘Cause it isn’t about your looks; it’s about what you are inside. Definitely the lyric you want to include in all of your valentines this year.

3. “We Just Need A Face To Face”


Because sometimes Facetime just isn’t enough. Say this to your boo or your bestie the next time you need some in-person love.

4. “Nuh Body Touch Me You Nuh Righteous”


Someone put this on a t-shirt, because I want to wear it the next time I go out.

5. “You Took My Heart And My Keys And My Patience”


I like the order of these grievances the best. Taking a girl’s heart is a no no, but her keys? Come on now.

6. "You Mistaken My Love I Brought For You For Foundation"


Don't do that, boo.

7. "All That I Wanted From You Was To Give Me Something That I Never Had"


Let's put this in a memo and send it to everyone on Tinder.

Somebody start making memes of these lyrics, because they are about to go viral.

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