11 Changes In Season 13 Of ‘SYTYCD'

There is only one thing that gets me excited for summer, and it’s not the promise of warm weather or the smell of suntan lotion. It’s when Fox starts talking about it’s newest season of So You Think You Can Dance, because, for the past 11 years, that show has defined my summertime bliss. But ever since the last season ended, there has been talk that Season 13 was going to usher in some major changes. And, then, just like that, the whispers of summer started, because on Monday it was announced that there are going to be big changes to Season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance. Or, rather, tiny changes in really talented bodies.

Because, in addition to having an entire season focused around a competition between kiddos (child dancers between the ages of eight and 13 are invited to audition and compete), there are a number of other indirect changes that you can expect to your favorite summertime show. Not that that’s a huge surprise. With a completely different pool of talent, it’s likely that the entire feeling of Season 13 will be different from all the other seasons that have come before it. But the feeling isn’t the only thing you should expect to change.

Here are all of the changes you can anticipate from this new, revamped, season of So You Think You Can Dance, because Season 13 is going to be a total game changer.

1. A New Name

Er, rather, subtitle. This season the show takes on a new name like the blushing little bride that it is. Season 13 is being appropriately called So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.

2. Babies

Lots of them. In fact, the entire show will be a competition between children between the ages of eight and 13.

3. Dance Moms

With amazing baby dancers come their amazing stage moms. I may or may not be looking forward to this added element more than any other.

4. A Lot Of Talk About The Future Of Dance

Because what else do these kids represent if not that?

5. Even More Plugs For Dizzy Feet

Don’t get me wrong, the Dizzy Feet Foundation is an incredible one, but with a group of talented kids at the helm of Season 13, I’m anticipating even more opportunities for Lythgoe to push his charity that helps benefit dance education in America.

6. An Extra Glow-y Cat Deely

In the middle of Season 12, it was announced that host Cat Deely is expecting a baby this spring. So look forward to tons of British baby updates and an extra special mom glow from this hostess with the most-est.

7. Some Serious Talent

Some of the contestants who have competed on seasons past have only been dancing for a few years. But these kids? If they’re that talented at their young age, chances are they are forces to be reckoned with.

8. Nicer Judges

Season 13 will welcome Lythgoe, Abdul, and Derulo back to the judges’ table, but, given that they’re judging children, they’ll probably be a lot nicer.

9. Dances That Aren't As Racy

Some of those racy numbers with the scantily-clad costuming won’t be appropriate for kids. Those will definitely have to go and be replaced by more age-appropriate numbers.

10. Even More Cry-Worthy Choreography

Those choreographers get me every stinking time with their emotional stories and dances that break my heart. But kids breaking my heart? That’s a whole other level of tearsville that I don’t think I am ready to take.

11. So. Many. Tears.

Because kids can’t hold it in as well as adults can.

Just make sure you have a box of tissues next to you at all times for this new, adorable season. I’m putting good money on the fact that these baby dancers are going to make you need them.

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