Kumail Nanjiani Is Ready For 'The X-Files'

If the first episodes of The X-Files were too stressful on your nerves and emotions, never fear, because Monday's episode is bringing the levity, right down to the guest stars. Who is Pasha on The X-Files ? Comedian and aficionado Kumail Nanjiani is joining the cult series for the third episode, "Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster." Sounds fun already, right?

The episode fits classic "monster of the week" format. Pasha is an animal control officer and possible eye witness in this mysterious situation, but knowing this show he's probably so much more. "It is such a great episode," Nanjiani said in an interview with TVInsider. "It is such an exciting, interesting, unexpected take on the were-monster mythology. It's really funny, it's really sad, it's really, really sweet. It's moving."

You may know the comedian and actor from Sillicon Valley, Portlandia, Broad City, Community, Franklin & Bash, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and the well-regarded Inside Amy Schumer episode "Twelve Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer." He is also a stand-up comedian and hosts a weekly show on Comedy Central with Jonah Ray called The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. He's one of those comic actors that's just... a little bit everywhere.

However, the hands-down coolest thing about Nanjiani making a guest appearance on this show is that he hosts a podcast called " The X-Files Files," so he was obviously a super fan before ever being cast. Dreams do come true! In the same interview with TVInsider, Rhys Darby (who also plays a guest-starring role in the episode) likened Nanjiani's enthusiasm at the opportunity to be on the show to Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

I'm sure there will be plenty of feels to go around because, with Mulder and Scully, that's kind of a guarantee. Still, I'm looking forward to a change of pace, and having someone as hilarious and excited as Nanjiani on the series makes this feel extra special.