Iowa Caucus & Chill Jokes Are The Sexiest Thing

Monday night, America anxiously waited for the results of the Iowa caucuses to pour in, and some found a way to introduce a little romance (a term I use loosely) into the political event. Twitter users cleverly altered the well-known "Netflix and chill" for "Iowa caucus and chill" jokes, proving that "and chill" can be added to just about any event to immediately make it sexier. Who needs Netflix when there's a riveting caucus happening live on TV?

Don't get me wrong, I can watch Netflix for days on end, but it does get old at some point. A live political event on the other hand is new and exciting — exactly how any "and chill" situation should be. Especially for political junkies who want to spend time with that special someone but can't stand to miss the first caucus of the 2016 election, Iowa caucus and chill is the perfect evening plan. This is definitely the sexiest thing to ever happen to politics, and hopefully it will continue to New Hampshire caucus and chill and all the way to 2016 election night and chill.

Here are some hilarious Iowa caucus and chill jokes to keep you laughing until the results are finally announced.

Everyone's down to caucus and chill.