'Supergirl' Has An Unexpected Visitor

I know she has an armory of abilities, but why would Supergirl just leave her window open? Sure, it's cool to be able to fly in whenever you want, but she's leaving herself open to all manner of creepy crawlies. An alien attacked Kara on Supergirl Monday night, and the whole thing could presumably been avoided with a simple deadbolt. This isn't the first time that Supergirl has included a cliffhanger that basically sets up the next episode — I like it! Keeps the action moving.

According to the promo for next week, the mean green mother from outer space is a parasite is called the "black mercy" — in DC comics, black mercy is the name of a plant that taps into the pleasure center of the brain and causes you to dream of your ideal, perfect life. Sounds nice, right? Wrong. While that might make a fun vacation, it's a pretty hand way to incapacitate someone and cause some real damage in their absence.

According to the official CBS description for next Monday's episode "For The Girl Who Has Everything," Kara will be trapped in a dream world where Krypton was never destroyed and her parents are alive... and you were there, and you, and you! So, not only is this going to be some kind of fun wish fulfillment/"what if" situation for Kara, but we're also going to see her team forced to work without her — which in my opinion is always a fun challenge.

Plus, wouldn't you know it, some Kryptonian aliens are going to attack the city while Kara's in la la land. I'm guessing that's who is behind the black mercy as well, but on a show like Supergirl you never know who is behind the latest mischief.

Image: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.