Maxwell Lord Is Arrested On 'Supergirl'

I know Maxwell Lord went all Frankenstein in Monday's episode of Supergirl and created Bizarro using literal "spare girl parts," but I'm seriously worried about the consequences of the DEO's actions right now. Maxwell Lord was arrested by the DEO on Supergirl and as J'onn mentioned, they are not exactly an offcial channel. Lord is such an imposing figure on society that there's no way this is going to go unnoticed and end well.

Sure, I'm proud of the Danvers sisters for attacking a problem head on. The enemy count is growing, and I'm glad that they took action. Still, do they have enough concrete evidence against Maxwell Lord to justify taking him into custody without, like, Miranda rights at the very least? The DEO already doesn't have the best relationship with the FBI. You'd think this would be an excellent opportunity to patch things up and learn how to work together. Alas, after learning how Lord experimented on comatose unidentified women and made a killing machine, they just slammed him into film and television's least secure device — a glass cell. He wasn't even bothered, and I don't blame him. There's no way Maxwell Lord is going to stay locked up.

This is bad news all around, especially considering that Maxwell Lord knows Kara's identity, openly threatened Alex's mother, plus the number of secrets the DEO is hiding: looking at you "Hank Henshaw," also known as J'onn J'onzz, the Martian. Of course, don't remind me, this also continues to plunge my dream Alex and Max 'ship into the ocean. I'm going to re-watch Grease Live to remind myself what love is all about. Between the growing rift between the genius and the agent and the ridiculous web of disaster that the boys in Kara's life are spinning, it's going to be a rough February on Supergirl. This big, impulsive, mistake that the DEO made is just the beginning.

Image: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.