Here's How To Wear Kylie's Red Lip Kit

Wowza! Now that's what I call red. Kylie Jenner teased a new Lip Kit color on Instagram and it's a candy apple red hue that certainly calls attention to the pucker. Last month, Jenner revealed that she would be launching a new trio of Lip Kits for Valentine's Day and premiered the deep pink Posie K shade. Posie K hinted that the next generation of colors would be different from Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K, which were the neutrals that comprised her very first collection of Lip Kits. This as-yet unnamed shade is a power red that the reality star wore with accompanying bold attire. These red lips are easily Jenner's sexiest and raciest look ever.

Jenner first shared a mirror selfie in a crimson bra and panties, which are part of Huit's French Muse collection, with matching lips. She even captioned the snap, "Could this be a new Lip Kit color?" I'm going to assume that yes, of course it's a new Lip Kit color, since it would make no sense for Jenner to tease a shade she doesn't plan to sell.

It would make sense for this scarlet shade to be part of a new trio of colors expressly suited for Valentine's Day. She already did neutrals with Season 1 and it's time for something new that steps out of her comfort zone.

Since the shade is likely for Valentine's Day, a holiday celebrated by lovers, you can totally wear it like Jenner wore it. That is, with matching, super sexy clothes for a night out, as opposed to a day at the office because duh.

Jenner posed in red intimates when debuting the shade. It helped the shade to "pop" even more. Isn't it amazing to pair it with matching underthings that only you know about at first? Imagine your significant other's surprise and/or delight to see your matching lips and undies during sexy time!

Or you can totally match your makeup and your lingerie simply because you feel like it. It doesn't matter who sees it, if anyone at all. It can be your sexy secret that makes you feel confident no matter what you wear with it.

Jenner also showed off what appears to be the same red shade in a quick Insta video, while rocking a strapless, latex dress that looks borrowed from her big sister Kim Kardashian's closet. She also tagged her official Kylie Lip Kit Instagram. So she's not being subtle with her clues.

Yes, it's a lot of look to wear a red, body con dress with such bold, red lips. It's really a lot of red. But if you're confident, and you should be, you can totally pull it off no matter what you pair it with.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)