How Many Men Imagine A Future Together On Date #1

Ha. Finally we have real evidence that it's not only women who can slip into wild fantasies and imagine a future together on the first date. For the record, only some women do that. And it turns out, some men do it to. In fact, a lot of men. According to Match's Single In America survey— a massive survey of sex and dating habits spanning over 5,500 of their members— 66 percent of men imagine a future together on a first date. Two thirds of men. That's a whole lot of people think about how you two would look behind a picket fence together, or in an amazing Brooklyn loft, or whatever it is you want. The point is, dudes are doing it too.

It's not something I've ever really done, but if you're looking for a serious commitment it makes sense that you would try to imagine how that person would fit into your life, even if it's just in a whimsical imagination way. You just can't get too hyped up on first impressions, because first dates are awkward as hell and when I'm on one I do the world's best impression of a person who doesn't spill boiling soup onto their crotch, even though that's who I am.

But there were some other interesting hetero dude-myth busting points of the survey. Here's what else you should know:

1. They're More Optimistic

This sort of surprised me— and I'm not sure if it's sweet or just a male ego problem — but on average men wait over eleven days to hear back from someone before they admit defeat. Eleven days is a long time. For the record, women waited a week without hearing back before they called it quits, but men hang in there nearly 50 percent longer.

2. Some Are Sure About Kids

Just like imagining a future together, more men than you might think are definite about babies — 27 percent are sure they want children. Which, considering how young some of the users are, I thought was quite a big percentage. Especially if those are the ones who are sure, and there's a whole other contingency that's on the fence about it.

3. They Give Things A Chance

Eighty percent of men— so 4 out of 5— were more likely than women to go on a date before they feel chemistry. I guess that men are just more open to letting things evolve and seeing what happens, which is probably less judgmental than I would be, so good on those guys for keeping an open mind about things.

You can look at the whole survey to find a lot of crazy information about sex and dating trends and it's worth it, because I had no idea sushi would get you a second date, and it's nice to know that talking about politics is actually a good thing.

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