35 Plus Size Pieces For V-Day Romantics

by Gina Jones 2

As we delve into the month of February (seriously, where the hell did January actually go?), Valentine's Day is creeping toward us day by day. Regardless of my relationship status, finding the perfect plus size Valentine's Day outfit is crucial to my surviving this holiday. If I look drop dead gorgeous, who's going to care that I've been single for over a year? Plus, any strong look is destined to make me feel confident, which is a must for this particular day of the year, whether I'm single or not.

Even if you're spending the day eating your way through three pints of Ben And Jerry's while watching Bridget Jones's Diary on repeat — you caught me, those are my plans — there are all kinds of adorable Valentine's-themed pajama sets that will help set the mood. Not everything has to have heart prints on it, not everything has to be totally sexy, and whatever your personal style, there'll be a Valentine's Day look that doesn't make you leave your favorite styles behind in favor of this holiday.

And if not? Just search "red" on your favorite plus size clothing store and go crazy. If you don't have a significant other to spoil you this year, you deserve to spoil yourself with these 35 gems.

1. Jitterbug Suspender Skirt

Jitterbug Suspender Skirt, $88,

OK, I lied about the heart print thing. This skirt is super cute and you could totally rock it all the way from Feb. 14 to spring and summer. Plus, if you're planning on getting frisky this Valentine's Day, you could wear it sans top and surprise your partner.

2. Tights With Hearts Over-The-Knee Design

Tights With Hearts Over The Knee Design, $9.50,

This one's a more subtle way to represent Valentine's Day and a cute surprise for anyone you think deserves to see your thighs.

3. Criss-Cross Cut-Outs Cover-Up

Criss Cross Cut Outs Cover Up, $55,

Try to say that three times fast! Although this cover-up is meant for the beach, I think it'd be a gorgeous look for the romantic holiday. And definitely an edgier look for your Valentine's Day.

4. Sequin Pink Ombre Party Dress

Sequin Pink Ombre Party Dress, $137,

If you're drowning your sorrows at the club with your best single gal pals this year, this is the perfect look to carry you through the evening.

5. Heart Print PJ Jumpsuit

Heart Plus PJ Jumpsuit, $29.90,

Like I said, if you — like me — are refusing to leave your bed this Valentine's Day, at least treat yourself to some super cute pajamas to make you feel the part.

6. Salt & Pepper Dress

Salt And Pepper Dress, $55.99,

It's a cute deviation from the traditional red and pinks that dominate the holiday, but the heart-shaped pockets are a fair justification for your purchase nonetheless.

7. Stripe Jumper With Heart Elbow Patch

Stripe Jumper With Heart Elbow Patch, $43,

This sweater is so cute and worth holding onto for well after Valentine's Day. It's perfect if you're playing it casual this holiday.

8. Cut-Out Bralette

Cut Out Bralet, $20,

A sassier Valentine's Day look that's perfect for hanging with friends or with your bae? You can have a selfie photoshoot in your bedroom wearing this one for sure.

9. Heart Back Tights

Heart Back Tights, $16.50,

Considering that this is still February, it's probably going to be pretty cold, so a pair of cute Valentine's Day-themed tights will be pretty helpful in stopping your legs from falling off.

10. Cable Knit Sweater Dress

Cable Knit Sweater Dress, $44.90,

On the theme of keeping warm during the winter months, this more casual (and completely cozy) burgundy dress is just red enough to pass off as Valentine's Day-themed.

11. Kimono Dress With Plunge Neck

Kimono Dress With Plunge Neck, $36,

It's the perfect dress to go from casual Valentine's brunch with the girls to an evening meal with your loved one.

12. Pleated Front Shirt Dress

Pleated Front Shirt Dress, $40,

This is the perfect Valentine's Day look for hipster plus sizers. Or if you want to sexy it up a bit, you can undo some of those buttons and reveal that tremendous cleavage.

13. Cut-Out Lace Tie Panty

Cut Out Lace Tie Panty, $18.50,

It is Valentine's Day, after all. I had to include panties somewhere.

14. Lady Love Song Dress In Merlot Velvet

Lady Love Song Dress In Merlot Velvet, $89.99,

If your Valentine's Day requires you to dress like a sensual vampire maiden, then this is the perfect dress for you.

15. Valentine's Heart Sleep Tee

Valentine's Heart Sleep Tee, $31,

If pajamas aren't your jam for sleeping in but you need some adorable sleepwear for the big day, this sleep tee will have you sorted.

16. Heart Patch Flats

Heart Patch Flats, $39.50,

These wide fit shoes are too adorable, aren't they?

17. Lace Mesh Dress

Lace Mesh Dress, $46.90,

It's lace. It's mesh. It's red. Need I say more?

18. Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Off The Shoulder Dress, $35,

This cut is so beautiful that I might just buy this dress for my own Valentine's Day plans. I can totally eat ice cream in it, right?

19. High-Waist Shimmer Disco Legging

High Waist Shimmer Disco Legging, $28,

Because your strong Valentine's look doesn't have to only be about skirts and dresses.

20. Heart Knee Tights

Heart Knee Tights, $11.98,

These are so subtle you can rock them all year round.

21. Retro Style Kisses Shirt Dress

Retro Style Kisses Shirt Dress, $64,

What says Valentine's Day more than a kiss print dress?

22. Heart Breaker Tee

Heart Breaker Tee, $9.99,

It's a bit of an ironic twist on the holiday for those among us who believe Valentine's Day is a big business marketing ploy.

23. Pink Cropped Fur Coat

Pink Cropped Fur Coat, $159,

Again, it's cold, so you have to splurge over $150 on a hot pink faux fur coat, duh.

24. Kiss Racer-Back Sleep Tank

Kiss Racer Back Sleep Tank, $28.50,

Investing in comfy V-Day pajamas is not only OK, but pretty much necessary.

25. Lip Heart Sleep Shorts

Lips Heart Sleep Shorts, $22.50,

And you have to get the matching shorts, of course!

26. Bow Cut-Out Back Top

Bow Cut Out Back Top, $19.90,

Imagine it: You take your coat off, spin around, and show off this gorgeous back detailing. And they thought you were just wearing a plain red tee.

27. Lightweight Colored Tights

Light Weight Colored Tights, $9.99,

I really like that these are wine-colored because I'm definitely going to chug some vino for the entirety of this holiday.

28. Maxi Dress With Tie Front

Maxi Dress With Tie Front, $95,

I'll always be a fan of the maxi dress and this is the perfect one for Valentine's Day.

29. I Know You Care Tee

I Know You Care Tee, $15,

Just so you can rub it in the face of your significant other. Or the ex who'll see you wearing this in your Valentine's Day selfies.

30. Crop Lace Bralette

Crop Lace Bralet, $28.50,

It's perfect for outerwear or underwear, TBH.

31. Mesh Heart Back Panty

Mesh Heart Back Panty, $12.98,

How cute are these? I want them regardless of whether someone's seeing my butt on Valentine's Day or not.

32. Velvet High-Neck Bodysuit

High Neck Velvet Bodysuit, $14,

Is it just me who finds velvet really romantic?

33. Criss-Cross Dress

Criss Cross Dress, $46.90,

Bringing the criss-cross trend to Valentine's Day, because you don't have to give up being a fatshionista just to be romantic.

34. Satin Prom Dress

Satin Prom Dress, $64.50,

If there's ever a time to wear a satin prom dress outside of prom, it's Valentine's Day.

35. Lace Cup Baby Doll

Lace Cup Baby Doll, $32.95,

And to round off the evening, change into your gorgeous baby doll. I always wear lingerie on my own and around the house, just to make myself feel a little bit more special.

No matter how you spend your Valentine's Day, put yourself first and treat yourself. The greatest love of your life will always be you.

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