33 Plus Size Dresses To Wear On Valentine's Day — No Matter Your Relationship Status

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Unlike most people, I don't have strong feelings about Valentine's Day in either direction. I don't believe it's a corrupt greeting card holiday designed to brainwash us into buying chocolate (and even if it is, I never turn down an excuse to eat chocolate). Nor do I count the days to the 14th, anxiously planning the perfect date with my partner. I live somewhere in the middle: If there's something fun to do on the big day, I'll do it. Otherwise, I'm happy to snuggle in bed watching Netflix. That being said, what I do love, or rather, adore, is an excuse to dress up — and this year I'm fully planning on going all-out for my Galentine's Day weekend with the girlfriends. And what I am pleasantly anxious about is the variety of plus-size dresses perfect for heart-day currently on the market.

Obviously reds and blacks are the staple here, and I'm all for embracing that. You might call it boring — I call it true celebration of the holiday. Most of these ensembles need very little accessorizing (I'm even willing to say that the only jewelry you'll need is a bar of your favorite Lindt). But they're all beautiful in some way. Whether you want to feel sexy, gorgeous, cute, edgy or a combination of all of the above, there's something here for you.

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