The 4 Couples We All Know & Love

Regardless of your relationship status, your approach to dating says a lot about your personality — and about the qualities you find attractive in a mate. Although opposites do attract, similar types have a way of finding one another. For example, if you're the type to head to the club after a long week at work, you're liable to meet someone else who's a mover-and-shaker. (For you, being in a relationship doesn't have to mean you've gotten boring.) On the other hand, if you're a stay-at-home-and-lounge type, you're probably on the hunt for someone that shares an affinity for Netflix-and-wine nights.

Whether you're coupled or single, you've probably seen these personalities play out on — where else? — social media. Scroll through your feeds, and you'll find your coupled friends snapping and posting away: clinking champagne glasses in the lamplight glow of their living room, taking sexy selfies from the darkened corner of the latest culinary hotspot, or wearing matching jerseys court-side at a basketball game.

It can be corny, but how a couple presents themselves says a lot about their style of romance. Being in a relationship can be a performance, and for many, that's part of the fun. With that in mind, we've partnered with GUESS Fragrances to show you the four couples we all know, accompanied by glitzy GIFs and gift guides.

The Super-Chill Couple

Most Likely To: Pop open a bottle of bubbly, put on their favorite loungewear, and turn on that one rom-com that they both admit to liking. (Spoiler alert: It's The Notebook.)

How They Met: A classic set-up. ("I think you two would really like each other..." they said. And they were right.)

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The Sporty Couple

Most Likely To: Sign up for marathons to celebrate special occasions, cheer each other on from the sidelines, and color-coordinate their team gear from head to toe. You know what they say: the couple that dresses together, runs together, crosses the finish line together, and takes a sweaty selfie together... stays together.

How They Met: At the local running track or in a SoulCycle class. They were wearing the same running tights.

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The Fashion-Savvy Couple

Most Likely To: Share clothing, fragrances, accessories, and magazine subscriptions. They're in a constant tug-of-war over how to organize their closet. (By trend? season? color? mood?!)

How They Met: On the street, checking each other out. First comes street style, then comes love?

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The Jet-Setting Couple

Most Likely To: Spend their holidays in exotic locales (and post envy-inducing Instagrams). The rest of us double-tap with envy as we watch them jet off to Bali, Greece, Morocco... wait, do they even work, or is it their job to be professionally sexy and mysterious?

How They Met: During their semester abroad. They took an entire class devoted to the enjoyment of wine.

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Images: Kaitlyn O'Connor / Bustle