Hyundai's Super Bowl 50 Ad Takes You To Paradis

There's only one thing the world needs more than Ryan Reynolds, and that's multiple Ryan Reynolds. Like, if cloning was a thing, and we collectively had to pick just one person to clone, Reynolds would be pretty high on the list of possible candidates. Not only is the Deadpool actor beautiful, he's consistently hilarious, and Reynolds' 2016 Super Bowl commercial is no exception. Titled "Ryanville," and advertising the new 2017 Hyundai Elantra, the 39-year-old appears in the commercial not just once, but what feels like a million times. Taking on a whole host of characters who appear to inhabit Ryanville, we're given a glimpse of what would be the most perfect place on earth, if it only existed. Basically, Ryan Reynolds is in the best Super Bowl ad of 2016.

The Hyundai commercial is probably the hottest thing you'll see all Super Bowl, which is why it's worth re-watching as many times as possible. Not only does Reynolds play a police officer and the driver he's giving a written warning to, but multiple Ryan Reynolds play a game of football on somebody's front lawn. No wonder the two women who are casually driving through Ryanville get so distracted that they almost crash (thank goodness for Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, am I right?!). Here are some of the best Ryan Reynolds moments in the ad, just in case you need them... or something.

1. The Greatest Place On Earth

Welcome to Ryanville. Population: Yes. I couldn't agree more with this sign, and I want to go there immediately.

2. The Luckiest Women Alive

Apart from Blake Lively, the two women driving through Ryanville in the advertisement are the luckiest women in the world right now.

3. Ryan Reynolds Can Ride A Bike

Bravo, Ryan Reynolds, you continue to win at life.

4. Ryan Reynolds Riding A Bike Is Giving Us All The Feels

Whatever she's feeling, I'm feeling it too.

5. Ryan Reynolds Gets A Warning From... Ryan Reynolds

The next clones we encounter are embroiled in some legal business. Some sexy legal business.

6. His Aviators Are On Fleek

As if there was ever any doubt — Ryan Reynolds looks awesome in uniform.

7. There Are Three Of Him, Drilling

As if having three Ryan Reynolds on screen at once wasn't overwhelming enough, they're all wearing hard hats and drilling into the ground. Is anyone else feeling hot and bothered?

8. This Football Game Is Intense

Several Ryan Reynolds clones playing football together. This. Is. Just. Too. Much.

9. No One Can Look Away

So much hotness in one place is enough to cause an accident.

10. Thank Goodness For Automatic Emergency Brakes

Oh, look! It's just dog walker Ryan Reynolds waving at the women who almost ran him down with their car. No big deal.

11. The Dogs Are Safe

Good news for everyone involved. Reynolds and the dogs are safe (especially the cutest looking Corgi I have ever seen). The women in the Hyundai haven't caused any accidents, and Ryanville remains the greatest place on earth.

If there's a better Super Bowl commercial, I'm yet to see it. Watch the full ad now for all the Ryan Reynolds goodness you'll ever need.

Images: HyundaiUSA/YouTube