Is Elena Gant Pregnant? The 'Little Women: LA' Star Might Be Ready To Add To Her Family

Elena Gant isn't having much luck getting along with new addition Jasmine on Little Women: LA so far, and it's all because she's not a "mommy." But she's talked about hoping to start a family soon, and just renewed her vows in Hawaii in summer 2015 — so could Elena Gant be pregnant? Judging from the Season 4 poster, there will be at least one cast member who finds out that she's expecting a baby (possibly twins!). And it could be just about anyone, since Jasmine, Christy, Briana, and Elena have all said they're looking to expand their families and Terra's first pregnancy was unplanned. But I think Elena might be the one who has some exciting news to share later in the season. Update: On Feb. 24, Elena Gant confirmed to Us Weekly that she is pregnant and expecting twins.

The show usually makes an effort to build a storyline around each cast member, and for the past few seasons, the ladies have been all about pairing off, getting married, and getting pregnant. And Elena has always said that she hopes to add to her family, but wasn't quite ready to during any of the previous seasons. But she's been successfully pursuing her dream of building a fashion/beauty empire, and the whole "mommy party" exclusion really seemed to hurt her feelings. But that's not the main reason why it seems like Elena might be revealing a bun in the oven.

Actually, the best evidence I can find is that she's been majorly changing her social media habits over the past few weeks, even though Little Women: LA Season 4 just premiered. She hasn't posted a full-body selfie that wasn't a TBT in more than three months. Elena also posted a pic from a spa while on vacation in Mexico, and while both pregnant and non-pregnant women are of course free to treat themselves to a little R&R, it might be a clue that she has an extra reason to unwind.

If Elena is the cast member who's pregnant on Season 4 of Little Women: LA, it will be a huge change for the star, who's been more focused on her career, marriage, and developing a sense of style fly enough to make her an honorary Kardashian. But she'll have all of her friends in the cast to help guide her along the way — they are all already "mommies."

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime