He May Have to Cancel His Valentine's Day Plans

If Justin Bieber thought that he was going to take the lady of his choice skateboarding, graffiti-ing, and then probably to a McDonalds and some terrible club's VIP section, he may have to ask for a rain check. As it so happens, Justin Bieber will be arraigned on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, following his Jan. 23 charge for resisting arrest, according to the New York Daily News. His DUI and driving with an expired license charges seem to have been dropped.

An arraignment is when prosecutors will formally file charges against Bieber and where a plea is entered. However, since Bieber, the defendant, may not be required to be in the Miami-Dade County courtroom, his lawyer, Roy Black, could enter the plea for him in writing, if that's the case. It will be interesting to see if Bieber shows up on the glorious Day o' Love whether he has to or not, just to see if he's taking his arrest seriously.

This is the guy who has made a career out of starting songs with the words "girl" and "baby," so you'd think Valentine's Day would be Bieber's favorite holiday. However, since Bieber went to a bar the night of his arrest, jetted to Panama right after, and is having a super fun time on the beach with Chantel Jeffries, a few things could happen.

A. Bieber goes to court, and then somehow manages to go out and party on South Beach after, flinging red roses out of his VIP booth.

B. Bieber does not go to court, but parties on South Beach anyway, flinging red roses out his VIP booth.

C. Bieber goes to court, gets in the spirit of Valentine's Day, gets a hot shave, picks up a tux and two dozen red roses, and then sprints to Selena Gomez's front door. Hopefully, she won't be home.

Image: Believe-in-JDB/Tumblr