Why You Should Have A Joint B-Day Party With A BFF

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I never liked having birthday parties when I was growing up. OK, that isn't entirely true. When I was younger, my favorite part of childhood was having my friends hang out and play games together at my house. It was never about it being "Dasha's Big Day". As an adult birthdays became even less of a ceremony and more a giant party where people talked and did whatever they wanted. The only connecting factor between my different groups of frienda was that it just so happened to be a party in my honor. Since all I really want is for my friends to all hang out together, having a joint party seemed like a no brainer.

A joint party, in case some of you didn't know, is a celebration of two or more people's birthdays that just happen to be close together. This year, three of my friends have birthdays one after another. Instead of having to maneuver around everyones schedules in order not to miss someone's birthday party, we all decided to throw one giant party together. This way we are combining all of our respective friend groups under one roof, on one night of the year. What could possibly go wrong?

I don't know why this is the first year that I am doing this. It seems like such a convenient idea. I think all parties should be for multiple people. The more the merrier! In high school there were six other people with my birthday. Just think of how much trouble it would have saved all of us, if we just had one giant birthday party? Why wasn't I this smart back then? Anyway, here is a list of reason why joint birthday parties are the best part of adulthood.

1. All Of The Guests

In third grade I invited all of the girls in my class to come to my birthday party. Granted, I was new to the school so I guess I should have expected a low turnout, but having two girls show up and then leave 30 minutes later was a bummer. Having a joint party eliminated that as a possibility because you are combining ALL OF YOUR FRIEND GROUPS INTO ONE. Take that, childhood insecurities! NOW YOU ARE AN ADULTHOOD RAGER!

2. Less Pressure

There is always a pressure to entertain when you are an adult. People need to be introduced and you are the human form of an ice-breaker. Having a joint party means you are no longer responsible for any entertaining. There are too many people (most of whom you don't know) so your only job is to ~enjoy~.

3. All The BYOB And BYOF(ood)

When there are that many people coming to something, they should never expect you to provide all the fixings. Obviously you will buy some stuff, but that will no longer be part of the guilt-trip-grocery-list on your mind. Your only goal is to have funnnnnnn.

4. There Won't Ever Be A Lull

Thinking of activities, decorations, themes and all other details is so much easier when you have more people. You will never have a mental block about what people will want to do. You just send out a feeler and see what the others are thinking. This way you get to collaborate on the best ideas for your party.

5. More People To Flirt With

Usually, you don't get too many people that you can flirt with at your own birthday. Probably because most people coming are your friends. If you are single, having a joint birthday is an excuse to meet cute people and make out with them.

6. Weird Coincidences

You might just run into someone who you went to high school with who now is friends with your other friend through a mutual work friend.

7. Bigger Happy Birthday Song

I got an entire train car in Boston to sing "Happy Birthday" to one of my friends after a night out. I loved every moment of it. The louder the better. Now imagine 70 plus people singing it. The roof might just pop off.

8. It Doesn't Have To Be In Your House

If you are having a joint birthday you will either have it in a neutral place where you can fit everyone, or (hopefully) in the house of someone who has the room. Luckily for me, my apartment can not fit that amount of people so the entire thing won't be on me! (Be aware this is a super selfish reason and you should never say it out loud.)

9. More Hands To Help Decorate

Putting everything on is a hassle but having people there to help you is awesome. It takes less time and is way more enjoyable.

10. More Hands To Clean Up

This one is important. Having to clean after people trampled all over your house is much easier when more people join in. Now you have a lot of help and the time will go by much faster. Just buy extra trash bags and cleaning supplies.

11. Epic Memories

This, of course, is what it's all about. You want to have memories to look back on when you are old and grey. Your adulthood is going to be speckled with debt and heartbreak. Might as well make up for that with epic parties that have loud music and tons of people. Don't forget to take pictures!

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