'Burton and Taylor' Trailer Proves BBC Flick is the Classy 'Liz & Dick'

So, the trailer just came out for the BBC's version of the iconic Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton romance on the heels of Lifetime's off-the-rails, Lindsay Lohan-ized version, and of course, it's very classy in comparison. But really, they're not so different at all. I mean, Burton and Taylor? Even the name of the movie — starring Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West —is just a classed up version of Liz and Dick. Read below to see more proof that the two projects go together as well as, well, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

BBC on YouTube

Exhibit A: Lights! Camera! Pow!

Obviously, to represent Taylor and Burton's lives accurately, you need to show them being fabulous and followed around by the paparazzi.

Lifetime, going the subtle route, has a big close-up of a flashing camera in their trailer.

BBC has a few camera flares on Helena Bonham Carter.

Exhibit B: Boozin'

If we learned anything from Liz and Dick, it was that those two liked to party. Sometimes a little too hard. Therefore, alcohol must be consumed in the trailer.

Not only does Lohan cork open a bottle of vino to the phrase "They drink! They fight! They fornicate!" in Lifetime's trailer, but Grant Bowler straight-up chugs a bottle of liquor.

Meanwhile, over at the BBC, Carter manages to both pick up a bottle of booze and throw West the most shade possible.

Exhibit C: Everyone loves us!

Both trailers show how revered Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were as actors by showing them smiling and waving onstage to an applauding audience.

Lifetime, of course, uses this moment to capture a kind of "They were so scandalous, and audiences couldn't get enough of them!" sentiment.

In BBC's version, this moment serves as a metaphor for Burton and Taylor's relationship, with the curtain falling and their hands pulling away.

Exhibit D: Bottles will be broken.

Of course, both trailers have to capture the tumultuous nature of Taylor and Burton's relationship, and apparently, that can only be done through the breaking of bottles.

Liz & Dick's comes courtesy of Lohan and an accusation of "You're screwing that witch?!"

West is the bottle thrower in Burton and Taylor, throwing a bottle at nothing but an empty wall in his dressing room out of frustration.

So how do you like your Taylor and Burton made-for-TV movie served? With possible depth and critically-acclaimed actors, or with lots of camp and a side of Lohan?

Image: BBC