These Singles Are Having Better Sex

Not only does the state of your country depend on you being informed and voting for a presidential candidate in 2016 it, but your passion for politics affects your sex life as well. That’s right. According to Match’s 2016 Singles in America study, people who say they are passionate about politics and issues report to having better sex, regardless of political affiliation. Whether you are a die hard Clinton fan, all for Trump, or feeling the Bern, it doesn’t matter in this case (but here's how Trump versus Clinton supporters are different in bed). Just actually caring about who’s going to run our country for the next four years is going to do wonders for your sex life.

It’s usually "advised" to not talk politics on the first date, but as the survey found, it may actually do you good. In fact, you’re 75 percent more likely to score a second date if you talk about anything political. Since politics is such a hot topic right now, it could make you seem smart, educated, and well-informed. On the plus side, if the person you’re dating has the same viewpoints as you, it could be a great topic of conversation. At the same time however, things could definitely go downhill if your ideologies don’t exactly align.

The Match survey of 5,504 adult singles asked various questions from how they date and break up to how their political views affect their sex lives. Regardless of where you fall in the political spectrum, it can help boost your dating life.

Here’s what the survey found about people who love politics:

1. More Interest In Politics = More Orgasms

Who doesn’t want more orgasms? If you’re one of those people who couldn’t care less about politics, you may want to change your thinking. According to the Match survey, 32 percent of people who claim to be passionate about politics and such issues say they experience multiple orgasms when they have sex. In general, political junkies experience about 13 percent more orgasms than those who don’t have any interest.

2. They're More Likely To Have A Threesome

Passion for politics = adventures in bed. According to the survey, politics lovers are 110 percent more likley to have a threesome.

3. They're More Likely To Explore Open Relationships

Match also found that people who are passionate about politics are more likely to be non-monogamous than non-political singles, with 57 percent being more likely to explore an open relationship.

4. They're More Likely To Drunk Dial An Ex

Whoops. OK, so they're not having all the fun.

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