Coldplay's 'A Head Full Of Dreams' Album Ranked

One of the most highly-anticipated aspects of any Super Bowl is the halftime show performer. And, this year, for the Super Bowl 50 celebration, fans can expect none other than the Chris Martin-led indie rock band, Coldplay. With their recently released album, A Head Full Of Dreams, and a number of different collaborations, it already seems as if it's impossible for them to disappoint. However, to make us all even more excited about halftime, it also helps that we can expect a number of different performers joining Coldplay on the stage as well — lncluding the likes of Beyoncé (who recently collaborated with Coldplay on the song "Hymn For The Weekend") and maybe even a surprise appearance by Bruno Mars (All of the past Super Bowl performers, anyone?). However, despite all of the excess performers you can expect on the stage, Super Bowl watchers should focus on the headliner: Coldplay. And, more specifically, which songs are at the top of Coldplay's latest album, A Head Full Of Dreams .

Why? Well, because it's pretty much certain that — considering Coldplay's latest album was released on December 4, 2015 — most of the songs they will be performing will come from their latest musical installment. So, which songs might be taking the stage? Well, as someone who isn't necessarily a die-hard Coldplay fan, I decided to take a crack at listening to all of their songs off the A Head Full Of Dreams album. And what did I learn from the experience? We can expect one powerfully emotional halftime show. So, here is my complete ranking of the songs on the album from least favorites to favorites. And, hopefully, the top choices will be included on the list of songs we can expect Coldplay to perform come Super Bowl Sunday. Here it goes!

11. "Colour Spectrum"

This song is exactly what it's title says it is: A straight minute of sounds that match what you might imagine color to sound like. It's... different.

10. "Kaleidoscope"

With the song being barely two minutes long, it's hard to really get into this one. Personally, I was too distracted by the fact that President Obama was speaking in the song to fully appreciate it. However, the words were nothing less than inspirational and moving.

9. "Amazing Day"

Something about this song makes me feel like I should be slow-dancing to it at a high school dance. Personally, I wish the lyrics could have been a little less blunt, but an easy-going listen in the end. Definitely the kind of song I would imagine to be playing without me even noticing when my iPod's on shuffle.

8. "Fun"

With the help of Tove Lo, this Coldplay song is the easy listening song you can put on as you're staring out the window during a long car ride. It'll help you look back on your past, yet still manage to feel content with where you are now. It's all about those subtle feels.

7. "Up&Up"

Overall, a pretty enjoyable song. Doesn't really give you any direct feelings, but is an nice calm listen in the end. Possibly the kind of song that brings your day from a bad one to one that's bearable.

6. "Army Of One"

If you're a big Coldplay song, then this song might sound the most familiar to you. "Army Of One" easily reflects what we've heard in previous albums. Overall, creating a song that's simple in it's tune, but strong in it's lyrics.

5. "Everglow"

This song is just straight-up beautiful. The soulful piano and heart-wrenching lyrics will have you missing someone from your past before they have even fully gone. It's basically the song you put on in the background when you're sad and feeling nostalgic.

4. "A Head Full Of Dreams"

Want to feel like you can do anything? If one song on the album is guaranteed to make you feel like nothing is holding you back — it's this one. Easily the kind of song you would find yourself dancing to before you're even through with that very first listen.

3. "Birds"

One of the things I love about Coldplay is that their music easily transports you out of your head and into your dreams. And, for me, this song had exactly that kind of Coldplay feeling you crave. All I need is this song, a jog through the park, and a beautiful sunny day. Then I'll be set.

2. "Adventure Of A Lifetime"

"Adventure Of A Lifetime" is the perfect feel-good anthem. It's the kind of song I can see myself blasting while driving down an open road with the windows down. Grab someone you love, hit the open road, and "feel alive again."

1. "Hymn For The Weekend"

OK... I'm pretty sure it's set in stone that this song will be played during the Super Bowl halftime show. With Beyoncé already locked in as a guest, you better start memorizing the lyrics to belt out! Personally, I just found this song fun. It's exactly the type of song you want to bop to a party while raising one hand in the air. Perfect for football watching and drinking, am I right?

So, what did I think of the album overall? It was pretty good! Now it's just time to wait and see what made the setlist for Sunday, Feb. 7's Super Bowl 50. Happy Super Bowl watching!

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