10 Perfect Gifts For The Chill Couple

While some couples like to make a big to-do about Romantic Date Nights (and that's OK!), I've always found the pressure to be a little much. I definitely like a little wining and dining — if a new craft beer bar opens in my neighborhood, my S.O. and I aren't far behind — but I don't consider it a requirement. First of all, going out all the time can get really, really expensive. Furthermore, there's something peaceful about a date night at home, away from long waits at restaurants, crowded bars, and, well, other people.

If you're just chilling out at home, it helps to figure out some fun night-in activities that don't make it feel like you're slumming in sweatpants and Netflix. The key to a romantic night in is just the tiniest bit of planning, and it helps to split up responsibilities: for example, my S.O. is a pretty good cook and I can make a mean cocktail, so that's usually how things work out. (Yep, I've snagged the "easy" job, and I'm sticking with it.)

In any event, a little extra thought will go a long way, whether you're clinking personalized glassware or snuggling under a throw you picked out together. To help you master the art of the chill night in, we've partnered with GUESS Fragrances on the perfect gift guide for you and your S.O.

1. 'Mine' & 'Yours' Glassware

Kate Spade Mine and Yours Old-Fashioned Glass Set, $50, Macy's

This set goes perfectly with a night in, and the "yours" and "mine" etching adds an extra-personal touch.

2. A Polaroid-esque Printer

Impossible Instant Lab Universal Photo Printer, $169, Urban Outfitters

If it's "me-time," it's definitely also "selfie-time."

3. Matching 'Surfboard' Sweatshirts

Put on your Beyoncé sweatshirts, order a pizza, and think about how you don't have to worry about how you're going to get home tonight (because duh, you're already home).

Surfboard Sweatshirt , $21, Etsy

4. A Striking Throw

Cuddle up with your significant other under this blanket and let them choose what they want to watch on TV. Just focus on the blanket. Trust.

Pendleton Woolen Mills, $199, Pendleton Woolen Mills

5. A Fresh-Smelling Shower Cream

Laura Mercier, $45, Laura Mercier

Don't forget – if two people get in a bathtub, things could get a bit crowded. (And, er, the water might overflow.)

6. This Fondue Pot

All-Clad Cast-Aluminum Fondue Pot, $180, Williams Sonoma

If you and your significant other love entertaining, get this fondue pot! If you and your significant other love having time to yourselves, get this fondue pot!

7. 'Bee My Lovebugs' Chocolates

John and Kira's, $45, John and Kira's

These ladybugs and bees (which are made BY HAND out of chocolate, ganache, honey, and cream) will help take your minds off how the pizza guy was supposed to be at your place an hour ago.

8. Matching Kitty Silhouette Pillowcases

Xenotees , $34, Etsy

They'll have you purring in no time flat.

9. Dr. Arthur Aron's 'The Love Game'

Urban Outfitters , $20, Urban Outfitters

Go ahead — turn the TV off and fall in love! Hopefully your pizza has arrived by now.

10. His and Her Robes from Luxor Linens

Luxor Linens , $90, Amazon

You know... for when it's time to take off your clothes.

Image: Kaitlin O'Connor / Bustle

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