6 Tips For The Perfect Date Night At Home

Of course going out for a date is fun, and everyone should do it from time to time to keep the romance alive, as they say. But going out isn't the only option when it comes to spending a night with your SO. It's totally reasonable (and awesome) to have a date night at home.

After all, who doesn't love staying in for the night? You can wear whatever you want, do whatever you, and you can save money while you're at it. The thing is, if you don't put a little effort in to spice things up, you'll spend the evening doing what you always do — watching Netflix and ordering takeout. That sounds like an awesome time to me, but a date night should stand out from the norm.

This is especially the case when you live with your SO, because then every night feels like a date night. But just because you're watching movies and snuggling on the couch doesn't make it a date, date. That's just real life. And that's also precisely why having a date night at home requires a few extra steps to separate it from just "staying in."

If you'd both like aa romantic evening, but don't feel like leaving the house, then here are some ways to make staying home extra special.

1. Slip Into Your Finest Pajamas


I know that one of the perks of staying in is not having to change, but that doesn't mean you should be total slobs. After all, you want to separate date night from every other night, and that means you both have to change out of your chip-stained sweatpants. Of course you don't need to wear a dress or a suit and tie (unless you want to). But I am talking about wearing some sexy lingerie, your partner's favorite shirt, or at least a pair of clean pajamas. Trust me, it'll make the evening feel a little more special.

2. Get Rid Of Distractions


This evening is about the two of you, and not the rest of the world. So don't spend it staring into Facebook, ignoring each other while you text, or letting the TV overtake your conversation. I recommend turning it all off and focusing on each other.

3. Set The Mood


Again, this is all about making your date night stand out from any other night. To do this, I recommend loading up on candles, dimming the lights, burning some incense, and playing music in the background. Sometimes all you have to do is set the mood, and see where the evening takes you.

4. Pick A Theme


Of course you could just cuddle up with beers and Netflix and call that a "theme." But if you want to take your date night to the next level, go that extra mile and actually plan an activity. Maybe a game night, a horror movie marathon, or an evening spent reading your favorite books? Or, you can do a whole thing, such as this theme suggested on TheNest.com —"In the mood for a Godfather marathon? Go for it, but trade your typical takeout for a themed meal like homemade Spaghetti Carbonara, tiramisu and a bottle of Chianti." Totally adorable.

5. Take Photos Together


Everyone feels the need to take a pic when out at an event, because "look where we are!" But the same feeling doesn't exactly exist when you're sitting on the couch. And yet, that doesn't mean you shouldn't document the occasion with a few cute photos. Years from now you'll be happy to look back on photos from real life, and not just ones when you were out doing something fancy.

6. Make Sure You Pay Attention


When you're home, it can be easy to fall into usual patterns of slightly ignoring each other while you watch TV. After all, that's real life, and you're both probably tired after a long week. But you wouldn't ignore each other in a fancy restaurant, so don't do it at home, either. Pay extra attention to what your SO has to say, hold hands, snuggle up, and make it a real date.

Date night at home comes with it's perks (yay for staying home!), but that doesn't mean you should be lazy about it. Get dressed up, put on some music, and make a big to-do. Your partner will be very pleased you did.

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