11 Perfect Gifts For Travel-Obsessed Couples

Everyone knows that one one couple that seems to be globetrotting on the regular. A scroll through their Instagram feed is like an ultra-hip digital version of National Geographic, where all they seem to do is explore unbelievable locales and eat delicious things from around the world — while somehow looking phenomenal at the same time. I have a feeling their life really is as picture-perfect as it looks, and it's maddeningly romantic. I think there's a part of each of us that wishes we were this carefree couple with seemingly endless vacation days — and if you are this couple, well, I hate you. (Just kidding... please teach me your ways.) Jealousy-inducing or not, these couples need gifts, too. How else do you expect them to keep up their enviably picturesque life?

We've rounded up 11 gifts for the jet-setters in your life, whether that's you, your partner, or simply the #relationshipgoals you've set to reach in 2016. Even if you're more likely to plan a staycation than fly off to the West Indies, these gifts will serve you well wherever you land (or drive, whatever). From in-flight game changers to little comforts, luxe accessories, and beyond, we've partnered with GUESS Fragrances to ensure all your bases are covered.

1. The Ultimate On-The-Go Sound System

B&O Play By Bang & Olufsen, $319, Amazon

This little guy will turn your hotel room, rental home, or private plane (we're aiming high, here) into an instant party. You'd never guess sound this big was coming from this pretty little box.

2. The Perfect Cocktail, Anywhere

W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit, $23.99, Domino

Airplane cocktails are fine, but these are way, way better. Why sacrifice taste when you can bring the best with you?

3. The Memory Maker

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, $100, Nasty Gal

Not only will this serve up all the hip little Polaroids your heart desires, but it's so cute and looks like something Hello Kitty would carry. These come in classic colors, too, just in case baby pink isn't your boo's thing.

4. Statement Headphones

Frends Taylor Headphones, $200, Nasty Gal

Bye-bye ,earbuds: these guys work way better. Plus, they look more like jewelry than a tech accessory.

5. The Timeless Carry-On

3Way Boston Bag, $305, Porter

Every traveler needs a perfect little duffel. From weekend road trips to transcontinental journeys, this bag is the go-to. You can gift this to your dude, but you'll probably want to steal it.

6. The Instant Comfort

Travel Neck Pillow, $28, J.Crew

Sleeping on the go is hard, but a great little neck pillow will do wonders. You'll arrive at your destination totally rested and ready for action.

7. The Perfect Shades

Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses, $250, Need Supply

Airport style is real, and the perfect shades are practically required. Plus, you're probably jetting off to someplace nice and sunny.

8. An Ode To Your Favorite City

Amsterdam Needlepoint Throw Pillow, $68.99, Jonathan Adler

These needlepoint pillows come in a variety of destination cities, and they're the perfect quirky-chic accent for your couch. Way better than a tourist-trap shot glass.

9. Your Current Book Obsession, To Go

Kindle Paperwhite, $119.99, Amazon

If you travel frequently, you know that streamlining is key. New paperbacks are nice, but all the stories you want under 8 ounces is better.

10. The Life-Saving Beauty Bag

Cosmetic Case 17, $65, Coach

Ziplocs are for amateurs, and your beauty essentials deserve a home as fancy as you.

11. The Instant Refresh

GUESS Girl Belle, 3.4 oz., $62; GUESS Night Eau De Toilette, 3.4 oz., $65

No matter where you're off to, a spritz of your signature scent can totally complete your look – even if you're a little jet-lagged. With GUESS Girl Belle for her and GUESS Night for him, these scents will fit in perfectly wherever you go.

This post is sponsored by GUESS Fragrances.