These 'AHS' Season 6 Theories Shouldn't Happen

The best thing about American Horror Story is the fact that each season the story is completely different. So, of course, theories for American Horror Story Season 6 are already popping up, even though we're ages away from the season being released. It's always so exciting that the creators can do something new and fun every year while also managing to continue to utilize Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in different roles. But, as the series approaches Season 6, it's more important than ever that the show keeps its plots unique and fresh. Season 1 featured a haunted house, Season 2 an evil asylum, Season 3 a witch's coven, Season 4 a freak show, and Season 5 a spooky hotel — what can AHS possibly do to top all that?!

The opportunities are endless — and with so much time until Season 6, there are already tons of fan theories about those opportunities popping up.

After the very spooky (and Lady Gaga-starring) Hotel, I have high hopes for the upcoming season. Things can only get better from here! The only downside is, having such an open-ended market for what could be leads to some pretty wacky theories. There are of course the good ones — please let there be more witches, please let there be witches — but with the good comes the bad. Here are just a few fan theories we could all do without.

1. They're In Space

Though this theory is Evan Peters-approved, I feel like scary things are only scary if they are something that we can actually tangibly relate to. I'm going to have a hard time identifying with a bunch of astronauts on some spooky planet. I've never been to a spooky planet or seen one in real life. Next.

2. Scientists In An Arctic Tundra

Though I'm sure we're all still reeling from the terrifying blizzard that was Winter Storm Jonas, that's not so much a tundra. Setting the season in an Alaskan wasteland might be interesting for an episode, but I think there needs to be more for a whole season.

3. Slender Man

The spooky Internet star himself, Slender Man, was rumored to be a talking point in the new season. While this would be great, the theory has been debunked, and thus, we can do without.

4. A Political Theme

Sure, Lady Gaga would be great as a corrupt politician who sold her soul to get to the top — but with the presidential debates going on, I will personally have had enough of that sort of scariness.

5. Prison

A prison would definitely be beyond terrifying, yes. That being said, the theme hits a little too close to Asylum. With so many horror tropes, something a little more unique would be more fun!

6. AHS: The Mall

Something about a place that has Claire's or Icing in the building just doesn't strike fear into my heart. Unless, maybe, there is a mall cult, which could get hella interesting.

7. Antichrist

I think we had enough antichrist with Murder House, to be completely honest. Furthermore, one antichrist does not an entire season make.

8. An Evil Doll

Nope. Nooooope. Nooooope. Just nope. No dolls, please. I'm saying it's because that wouldn't hold up for a whole season, but really I'm just terrified. We can do better than this.

9. An Orphanage Setting

Like the prison before it, an orphanage would be too much like Asylum. Why choose an idea similar to what we've seen before?

10. The Winchester Mystery House

Though the Winchester House is indeed a very creepy concept — it's literally a house that was designed to fool evil spirits the owner believed existed into getting lost — this theory is too similar to Murder House. Been there, done that.

11. A Musical

As much as I loved Ryan Murphy's work with Glee, I think I know in my heart of hearts a musical season of American Horror Story is not what the doctor ordered. I think we all know that.

Not sure how to survive the wait until March when we find out which of these theories are true and which are just crazy ideas. Still, despite what I know is right, I'm hoping for a musical season. But, alas, only time will tell.

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