'PLL' Might Be Making This Clue Too Obvious

Here we go again. What is it about the men in Aria's life always being in the wrong place at the wrong time AND being so questionably shady that we never know if we can trust them or not? On Tuesday night's "New Guys, New Lies," we basically forgot all about Ezra (who was "out of town") being a murderer because the new million dollar question in Rosewood is: Did Byron kill Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars ? And, in true PLL fashion, he looks guilty AF and it's entirely possible that the murder weapon is missing from his golf bag.

First, let me just remind you that Byron was also out and about the night that Ali went missing — so, old habits are still dying hard in Rosewood. When Aria broke into Ezra's apartment and listened to his messages (because, why not), she heard her father's very familiar voice leaving an incredibly shady message for her ex-boyfriend about the night Charlotte died. I'm not even going to get into how weird it is that these two are in cahoots considering their history, but that just makes Byron and Ezra seem even more guilty than we already believed Ezra to be. The episode also showed us a flashback of Byron and Ella arguing about Charlotte and the fact that Ella went to visit their daughter's tormentor while she was in recovery. Byron told Ella that Charlotte would walk free "over his dead body," which certainly doesn't make him look innocent in all of this. At all.

And there was also this strange snippet of a conversation with an unidentified character where Byron more or less confirmed that there were something shady going on. But, the final in the coffin was probably that the murder weapon — a 9-iron golf club that the police identified earlier in the episode — was missing from Byron's golf bag when Aria went to look in his trunk.

This all seems like PLL revealed Charlotte's killer, right? All of the pieces are in place and we left off with Byron calling Aria and asking to see her so that he could tell her something "alone." But this is PLLand, if we've learned anything over the past six seasons, it's that it's NEVER this easy to figure out who did what in Rosewood. All of the signs pointing to Byron being Charlotte's killer probably mean that Byron is 100 percent NOT the killer. Damnit, PLL.

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Image: screengrab/Freeform