Lisa Vanderpump Defends Kathryn Edwards On 'RHOBH'

Well, that didn't go as planned for Kyle Richards. On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump threw an extravagant joint anniversary party (as you do), and everyone was invited, including Faye Resnick and RHOBH 's newest Housewife Kathryn Edwards. ICYMI, these two women don't particularly get along (the two have some history revolving around Faye Resnick's book about O.J. Simpson's slain wife, Nicole Brown Simpson). Kathryn, naturally, brought up her beef with Faye at Kyle's party to Kyle, which upset Kyle, leading her to confide in Lisa Vanderpump. Unfortunately for Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump also has some beef with Faye, so Lisa actually defended Kathryn, making Kyle even more upset. Did you follow any of that?

At the Moulin Rouge-themed party, Kathryn started smack-talking (if you will) about Faye to Kyle and Lisa. While I totally understand why Kathryn might not like Faye, I really wanted to scream through my TV "READ THE ROOM, KATHY," because 50 percent of this audience was not having the Faye-bashing. You can't blame Kyle for not wanting to listen to someone talk poorly about her best friend, especially because it seems like Kathryn expected Kyle to answer for Faye's actions. But, you also can't blame Kathryn for not being a Faye Fan.

Later in the night, Kyle approached Lisa Vanderpump and aired her grievances about Kathryn's open demeanor regarding Faye. Clearly, Kyle brought this to Lisa looking for a little sympathy, but sympathy she did not get. Instead, Lisa sided with Kathryn, more or less, repeating that she likes Kathryn and it isn't fair to tell Kathryn how she should feel about Faye.

As you'd guess, this didn't go over well with Kyle. According to her, Lisa was supposed to defend Kyle "out of principle." It's truly another "read the room" situation, because why would Kyle think Lisa Vanderpump would defend Faye Resnick after their 2012 fallout? Have any of these women heard of knowing their audience? While it might not happen immediately, I see this Kyle and Lisa disagreement boiling into something bigger. It's just a matter of time until we see who will hold this grudge until the reunion when Andy Cohen is sure to resurface the conversation. Until then...

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