Kathryn Edwards Confronts Faye Resnick On 'RHOBH'

I always get nervous when a new housewife joins the Real Housewives scene in the midst of a season. I was especially nervous when Kathryn Edwards joined Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because of her past with Faye Resnick. While Faye is not a Real Housewives full-time cast member, she is incredibly close friends with Kyle Richards, so I worried "a foe for Faye was a foe for Kyle." To my surprise, Kyle has been very welcoming of Kathryn (so far). Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that it was a smooth sailing when Kathryn Edwards confronted Faye Resnick on RHOBH , finally saying what she's waited 20 years to get out.

Allow me to set the scene. Kyle wanted to host a barbeque — but not like any barbeque you and I would probably go to. This was a fancy barbeque, with floor length dresses and caterers. As one does. Anyway, Kyle invited her close friend Faye to the barbeque, but also invited Kathryn, the new girl. ICYMI, Kathryn isn't a huge fan of Faye after Faye wrote about Kathryn in her book about Nicole Brown Simpson's murder. So, this barbeque, while classy, was about to get ugly.

Neither Faye nor Kathryn looked thrilled that the other was present at the barbeque. Lisa Vanderpump was also not thrilled by Faye's presence, but that's unrelated. Kyle, who knows of the past situation, made a point to mention she wasn't going to make it awkward. With that in mind, Kyle introduced Kathryn to Faye saying they "run in the same circle," which was a pot-stirrer's way of saying "let the games begin."

Things didn't get awkward until Kathryn decided she needed to say something to Faye, who didn't want to talk about anything regarding Nicole Brown Simpson, at all. According to Kathryn, she'd feel like a "phoney" if she didn't address the elephant in the room, so she did just that. Faye shut her down pretty quickly, and excused herself from the conversation while Kathryn continued to tell the women that Faye Resnick is someone she "carries a [metaphorical] dagger."

The two women kept things PG at this dinner, but something tells me things are just getting started. They don't seem to be two women who can just brush drama under the rug (especially when Lisa Rinna is by their side egging them on), so this conversation will definitely see the light of day in coming episodes. I'm just hoping that things don't get too ugly between the women, since the subject matter at hand is more serious than your usual "she sat me at the wrong side of the table" argument.