Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Finalize Divorce

Two years after their initial separation, it's officially over for Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie. According to People, Duff and Comrie's divorce was finalized last week, five and a half years after their August 2010 wedding. While there was initial hope that Duff, 28, and Comrie, 35, would eventually reconcile, now that their divorce has reportedly been finalized, this is obviously no longer the case. Though their romantic relationship has come to an end, it's clear that Duff and Comrie are committed to co-parenting their son Luca. And what is so significant about their relationship is that they've taken all the best parts of their marriage — a strong friendship, a united front, and two people who are excellent parents — and put it towards caring for Luca, who is almost four and is a total mini-me of his mama.

All too often in divorce (and celebrity divorces, in particular) children are caught in ugly battles between mom and dad, custody cases that are so nasty that they frequently make headlines. In Duff and Comrie's case, however, they are making headlines for all the right reasons: for being such friendly, amicable, and decent exes who are putting the health and happiness of their son as their first priority. It's a refreshingly positive co-parenting relationship, particularly in Hollywood, and it's clear that Luca will benefit from his parents' decisions — just look at how successful their co-parenting ways are already.

They Have Joint Custody

People reports that Duff and Comrie have joint physical custody of Luca and will continue to "adhere to a 'mutually-agreed upon' schedule" for who cares for Luca when. The magazine also notes that Duff and Comrie "have agreed to split any costs related to their son" and neither will be receiving child support from the other. Simple, not messy, and fair! I like it.

They Put Their Son Before Everything

It's obvious from Duff's Instagram — and almost every interview she does — that Luca is the center of her world.

Speaking on her co-parenting relationship with Comrie in a January 2016 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Duff puts down their relationship to the fact that they're both "so obsessed" with Luca. "We have such a great kid and we're both so obsessed with him," she told the talk show host. "We laugh a lot and we have great communication."

They Are Clearly On Good Terms With Each Other

If Duff's Ellen quote above isn't enough to prove that she and Comrie are on great terms, let the above photo — notably taken after their separation — do the talking. Duff obviously values her ex-husband as a father, and told DeGeneres that the two frequently share photos of Luca when one parent is not with the other.

And They've Even Gone On Post-Split Vacations As A Family

In February 2014, just one month after their separation, Duff and Comrie joined co-parenting forces and vacationed with Luca. The sweet photo, which shows the former NHL player holding Luca with his arm around the singer-actress, used one inspirational hashtag: "#modernfamily."

While the situation might look odd to outsiders, the Duff-Comrie family is certainly a modern family indeed. And if their relationship is positive, friendly, and ultimately what is the best for their son, clearly Duff and Comrie are doing co-parenting right.