How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Without Washing

by Miki Hayes
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If there's one thing I'm willing to sacrifice for laziness, it's clean hair. Those extra five minutes of shampooing and conditioning, plus the five hours of living with wet hair (who has time to blow-dry?) are just things I can't be bothered with sometimes. Which means I usually have to come up with a way to get rid of greasy hair without washing it. Of course, hats are always good for hiding dirty roots, but when all of your hair needs to be exposed, what's a girl to do?

The simplest solution? Dry shampoo, of course. If you've never tried this miracle product, what are you waiting for? It can give you an extra day between washes along with more volume and texture to suit your styling needs. (Plus, there are plenty of other uses for this hair-saver including stain-removal!) And all you have to do is spray it on your roots, wait a minute, rub it in, and brush it out. Pretty simple, right? But hey, if you don't feel like running out to buy a dry shampoo, because maybe you don't know which is the best for you, here are some other ways to reduce that oily feeling in your strands at home.

1. Baby Powder


Before dry shampoo came on the scene, baby powder was the multipurpose beauty product that handled greasy roots. And it still can. Just sprinkle a little along part-lines and rub in. Grease be gone.

2. Cornstarch (+ Cocoa Powder)

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If you don't happen to have baby powder lying around, but you do have some cornstarch, that'll work just as well. And if you have darker hair, try mixing in some cocoa powder so the cornstarch doesn't stand out so starkly against your roots (plus, your hair will smell amazing).

3. Blotting Papers

Just like you blot oil from your face, in a pinch, you can also blot oil from your scalp. Part your hair in a few different places, and run a blotting paper (or toilet-seat cover, or Starbucks napkin) along your scalp and roots.

4. Mini Blowout

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When hair gets greasy, it can become flat and limp. So to amp up the volume a little (and make hair appear less oily), use a round brush or some rollers on key areas like around your forehead, and blow dry. Your hair will look a little more lively and a little less greasy.

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